4 Principles That Will Help You Get The Perfect Web Design in Orlando

The internet has gotten so popular, that everyone seems to be creating a website for almost everything these days. The competition for attention on the internet is becoming more intense, and people are going the extra mile to get their website right where internet users will notice it.

Despite the rush, however, a lot of people still do not understand the things that make or break a website, and this has limited the race for recognition to only the few that can find their way around getting an excellent web design. Here in Orlando, where the competition is even stiffer, you know it's not just about the art when it comes to getting the perfect design for your website. It is difficult and can sometimes get overwhelming, but don't worry, we have outlined some fascinating principles that you can adapt to create the "killer" web design in Orlando.

Keep Your Design Balance

Balance is key to having a perfect web design. We are talking about making sure that your design is not tipping to one side. It is like trying to balance the weight of something on a scale in other to get a perfect measurement. If you don't take extra care to lay things out correctly, you will watch the design get unbalanced without being able to help it. Size, color and addition or removal of elements are all part of the ways you can manipulate the balance of the visual weight of a design. It takes having a well constructed underlying balance to create a design that looks good, hence, paying extra care to balancing all elements is highly important.

Pick and Maintain at Most, Three Colors

Usually, we recommend the use of two colors throughout your design, but three is also just fine. Of course, arriving at a final decision on what colors will combine to fit your design can be a headache. There will be the urge to go extra, but you will be killing your design if you do. Some colors are good together; others are not - you must know this before choosing. You'll find a lot of theories about the color combination - some are even confusing. In the end, it comes down to common sense and what works best for you.

Do your homework well. Find what blends well. Do a lot of research on as many web designs as possible to get the best feel of color interaction. Pick a maximum of three colors and use shades and tints as a base to expand the pallets at any point necessary.

Try to Blend The Graphics

Undoubtedly, a great design doesn't necessarily have to be about fancy graphics, but you don't have to allow poor graphics destroy all the efforts you've put into your design. Sometimes, a visual message can be everything when it comes to giving your visitors the best experience. Yes, you may not be great in photography or illustration, but that doesn't limit your ability to put up the right graphics on your website. Just as long as you can access a few stock images and you have some skills in the use of Photoshop, you can have your design as good as you want.

Pay extra Care To Typography

Typography is an art with so many elements that can hardly be exhausted. You can spend a lifetime trying to learn it and still not master all its aspects.

Web typography is typically different from print typography. The dynamic character of web typography limits our control over it. Of course, dynamic rendering may have its strengths, but web designers still do not have enough control over the results. Differences in the browser, missing fonts in some computer, and platform rendering are some of the issues that can frustrate any developer. But while we may not have complete control over web typography, for now, there are still a number of ways we can improve it.

Some technicalities that can help are: the use of tools like measures and leading, font stack, hanging quotes and bullets. These technicalities may not give you the perfect typography, but they will undoubtedly improve the readability of your website type to a large extent.

There you have it. Good web designs are not limited to these four principles, but they are sure going to set you on the right path towards being your best at it. Contact REK Marketing and Design today, and we will get you on your way to creating the perfect web design in Orlando.