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Graphic Design for your website and logo design is one of the most important factors to drive clicks into calls. Let an experienced team like REK Marketing Marketing & Design design a spectacular website for your business.

Website design is the detailed process of collecting ideas, and aesthetically arranging them in a way that conveys a message or service beautifully and thoughtfully to potential viewers. Specializing in website design in Orlando, REK takes this process very seriously. Every web designer has their own way of doing things, so listed below are the elements in which we feel are important to perfect website design in Orlando and anywhere else.

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The layout is important when creating a coherent and visually pleasing website. This is the way the graphics, colors, tabs, and text are arranged. Our mission is to help the viewer grasp the information they are looking for at a quick glance. Hiring a top web design service in Orlando only enhances your chances in creating a killer layout for your business or personal website through consistency, balance, and creative awareness.


Color means a lot more than one might think. The choice of color is entirely up to the client, and can range anywhere from a simple black and white, to a multi-colored design with many working shades or variations. The color of your website is one of the very first things a passerby will notice, so the color you choose for your website should reflect your personality, brand, or business properly. If you need assistance when choosing a color scheme for your website, we will gladly be a web design service in Orlando who can help you and share ideas with you.


This encompasses photography, clipart, logos, and any other artwork being incorporated into your website design in Orlando. To maximize user-friendliness, all of these elements should be strategically placed throughout your site, working alongside the color scheme and content, creating a beautiful visual experience without slowing loading times. So whether you are looking for a web design service in Orlando or elsewhere, make sure you have the graphics on your page that will speak to who you are as an individual or business.

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Graphic Design

You know the feeling. The urge to stare at that particular billboard on the way to work, or the quick eye glances toward that one website you can’t seem to stop staring at. The feeling of being so absolutely enthralled in the home page that you feel compelled to click further. This is the feeling you get when you encounter graphic design at its best.

Graphic design is the art of communicating through color, images, space, and typography. It’s the method of combining all of said elements in an effort to communicate some sort of idea or message. In order to provide great a website design in Orlando, we need to be experts in graphic design – and we are.

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Logo Design

Building a brand isn’t easy. Creating a logo can be even harder. You need something that accurately represents your business, as well as something that is nice to look at. Let REK handle it for you. We can help you build your brand or simply refresh your look by creating a professionally stunning logo to represent you.

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Why Do You Need A Great Website Design?



Create and present a website that not only looks great, but has purpose

Great website design in Orlando should always provide something for the user to indulge. Whether they are searching for entertainment, products, services, or information, always be sure to give the visitors something to feast their eyes on. Keep them around. Keep them coming back. A site must be visually appealing; a professional-looking, clean website can make all the difference when trying to grab customers. Keep in mind; it's a reflection of you, your company, your products and your services. Make sure each page of your website is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has a clear purpose which fulfills a specific need for your guests.




Communicate to your customers

Most folks on the internet just don’t have time to be sitting around all day staring at websites (adorable kittens playing piano are a completely different story). Human beings want their information quickly, especially when it comes to browsing for a product or service. It’s important to communicate your message clearly, while also getting to the point, and giving your visitors information that is easy to digest. Finding a great website design service in Orlando to help you may very well be the difference maker in acquiring those few extra customers.





An appealing color scheme can go a long way in your efforts to enhance the user experience. It’s important to use complementary colors, creating a perfect blend of balance and beauty. Great website design in Orlando always utilizes colors to its advantage. You want to evoke some sort of emotion from your visitors, using vibrant or simple colors in a way that fits your personality as well as the design of your site. There is also nothing wrong with a little negative space for a more modern and hip-looking website.