Our Process


Every top web design service in Orlando has its own way of operating. We prefer to think outside the box, offering quality customer service, along with cutting edge website design and development. Your website is important to us, so let’s work together and get you started on the path to getting noticed and get you the website design in orlando you’ve been wanting.

Getting To Know You

Start with a free consultation. We will speak one on one to discuss your vision. We want to get to know you a little better and learn more about your business, create a brand strategy, and go over some of your project goals. Each site we create is custom made to the business or organization that it represents, so these free consultations are not only a luxury to you, but extremely important to how we do business. Web design in Orlando varies so dramatically from designer to designer, so we like to keep things simple for our clients.

Plan Of Action

After our initial consultation, we get to work; outlining your project and making sure your goals are being achieved. We lay out your vision right in front of us; strategically organize your tabs, buttons, headers, and graphics, while preparing for the next step in the process.

The Nitty Gritty

Now we really start having fun. The outline we’ve made is finished and we begin building your website from scratch. Our content writers get to work, creating an engaging and unique voice for your business, while our design and development team assures a visually aesthetic page layout, reviewing the components until it fully aligns with your vision.

Testing Phase

Being a top web design service in Orlando is something we are not only proud of, but take extremely seriously as well. We fully review our work, ensuring the quality of your project is top notch. We let you see your website before we go live, tweaking and revising until it looks exactly how you had imagined. After all, the better your site looks, the better we look, so we take this step very seriously.

Lift Off

So you’ve approved the design and content, and now it’s time to launch your site for the whole world to see. If you want marketing, this is where our team gets started with campaigns to reel in traffic and generate buzz about your business. We want as many people to see and love your website as possible.

Lift Off

Ranking on major search engines, generating organic traffic, and vowing the masses are just a few of the rewards you get working with REK’s web design service in Orlando. So sit back and relax! Let us work for you, getting your brand name out there and maintaining your top-quality website while your competitors are going broke trying to keep up.