Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Website

Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Website

Are you creating a website, but don’t know what domain name to go with? The domain name you choose is an important keystone of your online presence. This decision must be made carefully, so here are a few tips to help you settle down on the right domain name for your business:

1. Brand domain

Simply using the name of your business as the domain name of your website is great for solidifying your brand. There are many successful businesses that operate online who’s domain name is just the company title. This may work for your business, however there are other methods that can help with marketing.

2. Keyword domain

This type of domain name incorporates at lease one keyword. An example would be Not only does it state what your business is, a keyword domain can include a selling point about your business.

3. Combined domain

This domain contains one or more keywords but another word or prefix or suffix is added to make it sound better.

The advantage is that the domain will sound more like a real brand and not as a simple phrase. In addition, as it contains one or more keywords it continues to receive SEO benefits that will help you to be well positioned in the search results.

These domain names include the use of a prefix or suffix to make the title unique. For example, if the domain isn’t available, you can use the domain or

4. Length of domain

The shorter your domain name is, the better. A lengthy domain name is difficult for users to remember and type into a URL. For marketing reasons, your domain should be easy to remember and pronounce.

Avoid using hyphens. It prevents the domain from containing two or more repeated letters unless it is a word with 2 letters that is widely known, as tools. That is, avoid things like;;; etc.

5. Using numbers

Use numbers sparingly when creating your domain name. When hearing a domain name verbally, people tend to assume numbers are spelled in text out instead of numerically represented.

7. Avoid confusion of domains and legal problems

Be careful to avoid using the same domain name as other existing websites, especially if your business is similar to the other. This can cause legal trouble. Stay unique with your domain name so customers and search engines don’t mistake another website for yours, and vice versa.

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