Why Organic SEO Is Superior To Pay-Per-Click

Why Organic SEO Is Superior To Pay-Per-Click

Organic SEO is the use of careful marketing practices to attract customers and generate interest in your business. Pay-per-click (PPC) is the purchase of ad space on the front page of search engines to guarantee search engine priority. Organic SEO is far superior, and here’s why:

Trust and Impression

Data obtained from SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) report that 77 percent of internet search engine users prefer to click on actual search results over paid ads. PPC ads seem lest trustworthy to users than real or organic search results.

Users automatically know that PPC ads were artificially inserted into their search results and therefore seem less legitimate than the results that Google’s algorithms actually provided.


The only cost of legitimate SEO is time and effort, while PPC ads can cost quite a bit depending on how widely you spread them. The more attention you seek through PPC, the more advertising expense you incur.

Time frame and Sustainability

PPC ads only remain top search results as long as you’re able to pay for them. Organic SEO will keep your website on the front page of Google for free as long as you expend the effort and stay ahead of the competition.

Multi-platform Visibility

Another disadvantage that the PPC search results and ads have is their visibility on only the search engines you pay. Organic SEO can span multiple platforms if you play your cards right.


You’re more likely to sustain ongoing traffic if you choose to market with organic SEO. As we’ve discussed, people are more likely to trust actual search results over paid promotions.


Organic SEOs are heavily utilized, significantly more than PPCs. Although both requires effort and your site has to be high ranking for an Organic SEO, A PPC might edge out an organic SEO, but would have accrued significantly higher cost in optimizing it to do so.


Organic SEO practices offer an opportunity to develop branding and marketing skills. By developing actual SEO for your business, you create a recognizable brand for your business in the process. PPC is a shortcut by which you might miss out on creating a brand.

Strategic advantage 

You gain a key advantage over the competition when you develop genuine SOE for your website. PPC is a temporary and costly shortcut to the prestige of being a high-ranking search result, however a well developed web presence is a long-lasting edge to maintain in your market.

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