About Facebook Ad Targeting

About Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook is the reigning monarch of all social media platforms. After dethroning Myspace, Facebook has continually grown into the titan of a company it is today. As it expanded, it has become a plane of immense business opportunity through lucrative advertising algorithms. With 2.32 billion monthly worldwide users, Facebook is a honeypot of potential customers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the greatest advertising opportunity

Facebook monitors Purchasing Behavior

Facebook collects an immense amount of data from their users. This, most pertinently, includes on-platform purchase and search history. You cannot view this information yourself, as it is sensitive data protected by Facebook, however, Facebook integrates algorithms that will match your advertisements with the users that will likely be interested in your business.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a completely free online storefront through which you can facilitate your business on a small scale. This platform is ideal when you’re just starting up or thinking outside of the box to promote your business. You can get very creative with your use of this platform, so give it a solid consideration.

You can use Facebook Ad Targeting to keep Loyal Customers

There is an advanced feature on Facebook known as “Facebook Custom Audiences”, with which you can connect with your loyal customers. With the Facebook Custom Audience feature, you will be able to keep your customers, reinforce your brand, frequency of purchase and ultimately their loyalty. You can also use this feature to make your campaign more effective by not including your current customers and targeting newer customers.

The conglomeration of these methods come together to create an extraordinarily powerful marketing tool.

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