3 Effective Ways to Build Immediate Trust on Your Website

Multiple sources have claimed that users decide whether they want to stay on a website within 10 and 15 seconds of opening the website. What this means is that you have limited time to make people trust your website immediately they get on it. Visitors either open your website, have a quick glance then leave fast or they stay, they browse through and maybe buy your products. This limited time that you have is primarily determined by how well your website is set up to gain the trust of visitors. This is an integral part of web marketing Orlando – making your site trustworthy.

So, let’s take a look at three simple ways to build trust on your website.

1. Set up a credibility bar

A credibility bar works effectively in building trust with your visitors. The things that will be on your credibility bar depends on what you have accomplished personally and with your business. You can include the logos of the businesses you have worked with, and if your business is new, you can include accreditations, badges, reviews, and certifications. Credibility bars work on any website and not only business-to-business websites. When your visitors see that you have quite a number of things that you have done for yourself, they will trust you more to stay on your website and check out the things you offer.

2. Put up a video testimonial

For web marketing in Orlando, videos have proven to be an effective tool, and between video marketers and marketers who do not use videos, video marketers drive 64 percent more leads. About 90 percent of businesses see video as an effective tool. A lot of customers and clients love videos and are more easily convinced with a video. You could put up a video with testimonials from your past clients and customers on your website so that future customers can have references for your business.

3. Talk about the impressive things

This strategy works best if you have achieved some things in your business. You have established a business, and your product has been accepted in the market, if you talk about that business and how well you have done, prospective customers will become interested in what you have to offer. Talk about your achievements such as how many customers have benefitted from your product and the milestones you have achieved with your business. Customers love things like this, and it makes them believe that you are good at what you do and therefore credible enough to be counted on.

Getting customers to stay or leave your website requires knowing what the customers want to see. Give them that, and you will bring in more traffic. For effective web marketing Orlando, contact us today at REK Marketing.