5 Proven tips for Improving Customer Service

Considering the fact that a single comment posted online can bring down a business, excellent customer service is important. As a result, we have put together some points with which you can give your customers the best service:

1. Capitalize on Self Service

It is not always recommended to have customers get in touch with you for every concern they have. As a result, have a list of frequently asked questions on a FAQ page which attends to common concerns. It should be regularly updated.

You should also have many how-to tutorials and videos to help customers find their way around. This will give customers access to what they want rather than having to wait before an agent attends to their issue.

2. Let Contact Information be Easily Accessible

There should be multiple ways by which your customers can get access to customer service. The popular ones are chats, Skype, emails, phone calls etc. While these features are helpful, they should be easily accessible as well.

Let the “help” or “contact us” link be easy to find and prominent on the home page. Some customers prefer talking to a real person rather than using a virtual customer service agent. While a virtual customer service agent will save you money, it will lead to an unsatisfied customer which is bad for business. Having many options helps to satisfy a wide demographic f clients.

3. Request for Feedback

Even If you feel you have the best customer service, you have to know what customers think about your service. You could have focused survey to get feedback. Customers feel valued when you request their feedback. This should, however, be a short survey that will not bore or take their time.

You could also engage with your fans on social media to get their feedback. On social media, you could have a representative who will answer queries, gather feedback and respond to customers. With this, you understand customer perception about your business and improve where required.

4. Concentrate on Serving Customers

Your customer service team should have adequate knowledge of all aspects of your business. Hence, they should be knowledgeable to answer all questions about any product or service.

Ensure your agents are well-trained. They should have a passion to serve customers. This will involve keeping the customer happy even when they are not able to resolve their concerns. A customer who feels valued will definitely return and understand when things go wrong.

5. Pay Close Attention to Analytics

Your customer service team should have reports that track metrics. These could include:

  • Customers with the highest calls and emails
  • Products with high profits
  • Average wait time customers have to hold before being attended to
  • Average time taken to resolve customer issues
  • Customer service agent with the highest rate of issue resolution

Having a good customer service is essential to the success of your business. Hence, it is important you do all in your capacity to have a top notch customer service. When your customers feel important, they are likely to come back for more purchase and recommend your business.

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