5 Proven tips for Improving Customer Service

5 Proven tips for Improving Customer Service

Considering the fact that a single comment posted online can bring down a business, excellent customer service is important. As a result, we have put together some methods through which you can give your customers the best service:

1. Capitalize on Self Service

It is not always recommended to have customers get in touch with you for every concern they have. As a result, have a list of frequently asked questions on a regularly updated FAQ page which attends to common concerns.

You should also have many how-to tutorials and videos to help customers find their way around. This will give customers access to what they want rather than having to wait before an agent attends to their issue.

2. Let Contact Information be Easily Accessible

There should be multiple ways by which your customers can get access to customer service. It’s advisable to have live chats, email correspondence, phone services, and online call support at the customers’ disposal. Always facilitate regular maintenance on these services to maximize customer satisfaction. There should always be a “Contact us” link or some equivalent present somewhere on the webpage.

3. Request for Feedback

Feedback is extremely important for the maintenance of customer satisfaction. It’s the only way for you to truly gage how well you’re serving your customers. Make plenty of opportunities for feedback. Make a pop-up after every transaction with JavaScript radio buttons with which customers can rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5. Add a feature that allows users to report whether or not they found a blog post or FAQ helpful. Feedback doesn’t have to be long reports about what customers think of your business; feedback can be a conglomeration of small comments and ratings that consolidate into useful analytics for your business.

4. Concentrate on Serving Customers

Your customer service team should have adequate knowledge of all aspects of your business. Ensure your agents are well-trained. They should have a passion to serve customers. This will involve keeping the customer happy even when they are not able to resolve their concerns. A customer who feels valued will definitely return and understand when things go wrong.

5. Pay Close Attention to Analytics

Your customer service team should have reports that track metrics. These could include:

  • Customers with the highest calls and emails
  • Products with highest/lowest profit margin
  • Average wait time customers have to hold before being attended to
  • Average time taken to resolve customer issues
  • Customer service agent with the highest rate of issue resolution
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