5 Ways to Improve User Engagement on Your Website

Even if you are lucky to attract a lot of visitors to your website, it may not benefit you as much as it should if you are unable to keep them engaged on your website and signing up for your service or buying your products.

User engagement is one of the crucial factors that determine the ranking of your site. Hence, you have got to get visitors engaged so that you can convince them to buy your products or subscribe to your service.

We have five actionable tips that can help with that:

1. Reduce Page Load time

We have all, at one time or the other had experiences with a slow loading webpage. You find an interesting content, you click the link and you are kept waiting for the page to load. Waiting is frustrating so there is a big chance that the visitor could close the page and go elsewhere.

Determine if your website loads under two seconds with free tools such as Pingdom. You can decrease the load time by getting rid of unnecessary elements off your page. Get plug-ins that can help you reduce scripts and loadable elements and reduce the size of images.

2. Display related Contents

At the end of each page, display related posts. This can help users who would like more information about the topic they are after. Although this can be done manually, there is a plug-in that can help. They achieve this by displaying related posts using a text link or thumbnail. This helps customers stay longer on your website and be more willing to make a purchase.

3. Simplify Navigation

You will have a poor web user engagement if your website is difficult to navigate. Users should be able to get what they want without much hassle. You can achieve this by simplifying and organizing your website navigation. Your website shouldn’t leave visitors confused about where to find what they need as well as where they check out sales. Having a dropdown menu for your website is a great idea.

4. Choose Your Writing Style

Your writing style also has a lot to do with how users respond to your contents. On the internet, you can go with either a friendly conversational tone or a formal tone.

While it is popular to go with a friendly tone, the formal tone might be the ideal choice if your business is into something pretty serious. With a brand voice, you not only engage your reader, but you also stand out from the competition with quality web marketing in Orlando.

5. Use a Conspicuous Search Box

There are some visitors on your site who are after specific information. If they are not clear on how to go about it, they will leave to the next available website. There should be a prominent search box that is easy to find.

Users will expect the search box to be at the top since that’s the norm for most website. Have a simple search box design and simple features like auto-suggestion can boost engagement.

Website user engagement is an important aspect of knowing how a business will fare. Hence, we advise you to implement the tips above. Avoid going with the norms but rather have tests to determine which web design is best for you. Your overall aim should be to have a friendly, interactive, attractive and user-friendly website.

If you need more help with Web marketing in Orlando, contact us at REK Marketing and Design. We will be glad to access your website and help optimize it to your taste!