Google Tools that your business needs

Google Tools that your business needs

Since its establishment, Google has gone on to become a multibillion-dollar company that has taken over the internet. Virtually every company involved in one or more forms of internet marketing have to deal with Google. From SEO to Web Marketing, Google is an integral part of the entire process. The company has created some useful tools to cater to the needs of every business and individual. The following are a few Google tools that are imperative to the growth of your business.

1. Gmail

Gmail is about the most popular tool belonging to Google. Introduced in 2004, it has since been the choice of a lot of people. Gmail is highly effective for your email web marketing, and it offers a lot of customizable features for the users. Its innovative design enables users to make communication as efficient as possible while avoiding the cluttering of your mailbox.

2. Google Calendar

The Google calendar is an incredibly efficient tool for relegating time expenditure effectively. Entire schedules over various time periods can be effectively organized for several people conveniently. Individual and group reminders can be set up across several different devices to coordinate important activities and deadlines.

3. Test my Site

Google has some test tools with which you can test various aspects of your website. These tools help you see how functional your website is. You can access the tool at, put in your website and Google will perform an in-depth analysis of your website. It will test load times across a host of simulated internet speeds. Each link will be tested for errors and dead pages. Conduct tests on your website regularly to ensure optimal performance.

4. Think with Google

Think with Google is yet another ground-breaking marketing tool created by Google. This incredible collection of analytics and algorithms pinpoints and breaks down all relevant demographics relevant to your business. Be sure to use this service to the fullest extent when expanding your business. Be sure to visit the Think with Google website to read up on its inner workings and past success stories.

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