How to Fix a Reduction in Traffic after a Website Redesign

No matter how well a website was designed at the beginning, there will be a time when you will need to redesign the site. Redesigning a website is vital to make the website up-to-date to get the results you want. If you redesigned your site recently, you might expect that traffic will increase which will result in more sales. Of course, if the redesign is done right, these are exactly the things that happen, but sometimes, this is not the case, some website owners lose traffic after they finish their website redesign.

If you are experiencing this, continue reading this article for why this so and how to fix it.

1. Check your redirects

This is the most important step after a website redesign, and if you do not take this step, this is why traffic loss occurs after a website redesign. Once your URL structure changed, or your pages were moved to a new location without setting up proper redirects, your traffic may reduce. To gain back your traffic, implement 301 redirects for your old pages. With every other thing in place, your traffic levels will be back to normal.

2. Check the structure of your website

Your site’s structure primarily determines Google's site indexing, so if your site’s structure changed suddenly when redesigning the site, you would need a new sitemap. Your sitemap lists out the relevant pages on your site which you can submit to search console to make re-indexing of your pages easier, therefore, restoring the traffic on your site. You should also revisit your internal links to check if these links lead to old URLs to avoid crawl issues.

3. Site copy

Website redesign sometimes involves an entirely new copy of the site. If your site’s copywriter is not aware of the original keywords and did not incorporate them, it can have adverse effects. If your site’s pages are written differently without the keywords that made the site rank before, your site’s ranking will be affected. Google’s algorithm only shows users the information they are looking for. If your site does not have that information anymore, it will not show up in search results.

To fix this problem, you need to work with an expert in web development Orlando who has expertise in SEO to optimize your web pages with your target keywords. If you saved the backup of your old site, you could check your old keywords from there.

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