4 Principles That Will Perfect Your Web Design

4 Principles That Will Perfect Your Web Design

The internet has gotten so popular, that everyone seems to be creating a website for almost everything these days. The competition for attention on the internet is becoming more intense, and people are going the extra mile to get their website right where internet users will notice it.

Here are four key design principles that will guarantee your website has solid design:

Keep Your Design Balance

Balance is key to having a perfect web design. If you overload your visitors with too much information on the home page, their attention span will not sustain. Make sure you balance the amount and type of information properly throughout your website.

Pick and Maintain at Most, Three Colors

Having too many colors to your website can give it a disorganized and confusing look. The best-looking themes are usually comprised of three core colors that blend well together. Be consistent with the coloring of your website and make sure it fits with your business. If you’re a landscaping business, for instance, use greens, blues, and blacks or dark browns to give the readers an outdoor feeling.

Try to Blend the Graphics

Undoubtedly, a great design doesn't necessarily have to be about fancy graphics, but you don't have to allow poor graphics destroy all the efforts you've put into your design. Sometimes, a visual message can be everything when it comes to giving your visitors the best experience. Yes, you may not be great in photography or illustration, but that doesn't limit your ability to put up the right graphics on your website. Just as long as you can access a few stock images and you have some skills in the use of Photoshop, you can have your design as good as you want.

Pay extra Care to Typography

Web typography is typically different from print typography. The dynamic character of web typography limits our control over it. Of course, dynamic rendering may have its strengths, but web designers still do not have enough control over the results. Differences in the browser, missing fonts in some operating systems, and platform rendering are some of the issues that can frustrate any developer. The use of tools like measures and leading, font stack, hanging quotes and bullets can help incredibly. These technicalities may not give you the perfect typography, but they will undoubtedly improve the readability of your website type to a large extent.

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