Should you Upgrade your Website?

Should you Upgrade your Website?

Technology develops as quickly as consumer taste, meaning that updates to your business website are mandatory. Compare the Google of 2008 to the Google of today. Google has embraced clean modern design, as most top grossing websites of today. If you’re wondering when it’s time to upgrade your website, or wondering what’s to gain from an upgrade, this article is for you.

Common Problems that show that Your Website needs an Upgrade

  • Unacceptably slow loading time
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Pixilation of images, freezing of video
  • Text distortion, failure to render properly
  • Dead links
  • URL failure
  • Source Code Errors

Be sure to check feedback from your customers and run test on your website to scan from any flaws in the system. The quicker you discover these issues, the better.

What do you gain from a website upgrade?

Upgrading your website helps you make the most out of your investment. Embrace the change of a website upgrade, it’s an opportunity for you to completely reinvent the web presence of your business. A website upgrade provides an opportunity to eliminate revenue inhibiting problems within your system. Similar to moving out of a house, renovating a website can uncover old issues that forgot about or never noticed at all.

The same way you do preventive maintenance on your car, your website should be treated the same way. It is never a good idea to wait until something breaks down before taking the step to keep it in good shape. Treat your website as the engine of your business, and make it your top priority to maintain that well-oiled machine.

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