Top Tips for Improving Your Website’s Google Ranking

Top Tips for Improving Your Website’s Google Ranking

Every business wants to be on the front page of Google. With the right resources, and some help from REK Marketing and Design, consider business a likely candidate for the number one spot in your customers’ search results. Here are some crucial tips that will aide you in your journey to the front page of Google:

1. Have a solid foundation

The key to good search engine optimization is having a good website structure and site map. Even the most expensive SEO campaign will be ineffective if your website is not up to par. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and fully functional. Create a diverse, in-depth blog with plenty of keywords. Start a social media page, an email ad campaign, and enter paid sponsorships with other prominent companies. Otherwise, your website will rank low in Google’s algorithms. Build your website to be as easy as possible for clients to use on all platforms, especially mobile devices.

2. Request for a Technical SEO Audit

The way Google calculates web ranking is made up of complex algorithms. In order to get ahead in your SEO efforts, you need to have a professional carry out an in-depth audit of your website and all the pages. This includes fixing duplicated pages and content, optimizing your websites for mobile given that Google uses a mobile-first index now and also stress-testing your website’s performance.

3. Make your Website Optimized for Speed

Your website must show considerable speed benchmarks when tested using the Google Page Speed tools. These tools test the loading speed of your website through a variety of simulated internet speeds. You can make your website more SEO friendly by editing page images and keeping the image file sizes down. Ensure that you verify the fit of all pictures on your website so that the look is clean and professional. Also ensure that your website makes optimized use of browser caching. This helps to ensure that your website loads up faster after repeated uses without duplicating resources.

4. Optimize Page Links

You need to ensure that your website does not have broken links which could cause Google Crawler (Debugger) issues. There are many crawling tools you can use to test your links and know which ones are problematic. Also make sure that anchor texts are properly done without being spam.

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