6 Ways to Improve User Engagement on Your Website

6 Ways to Improve User Engagement on Your Website

As time goes on, the attention span of the average person drops. This is due to a rapid acceleration and expansion of information access. The top businesses in the world have mastered the ability to cater to the attention span of their customers, and as such, have perfectly calibrated websites. Here’s how to keep your website up to par with the competition.

1. Reduce Page Load time

Keep your page loading time to a minimum. If possible, make sure your website is coded properly to ensure there aren’t and unnecessary processes or loops that may be slowing your average load time. Make sure that you don’t overload the page with excessive high-quality images, animations, or videos.

2. Display related Contents

At the end of each page, display related posts. This can help users who would like more information about the topic they are after. Although this can be done manually, there is a plug-in that can help. They achieve this by displaying related posts using a text link or thumbnail. This helps customers stay longer on your website and be more willing to make a purchase.

3. Simplify Navigation

Simple navigation is an important component of a good website. A visitor will become frustrated if they must shuffle through pages to find what they’re looking for. A search bar is the most effective way of avoiding this problem. Be sure to have a menu bar that breaks up the content of your website into smaller chunks. Navigation is key for user retention.

4. Choose Your Writing Style

Your writing style is the identity of your website. What image of your business are you trying to convey to your customers? Do you want to project authoritative expertise? Helpful hints through an optimistic lens? Make sure that the tone of your writing style matches your business.

5. User Interface

Create a reliable user interface that’s convenient and gives the user a sense of belonging. Give the customer an option to create an account, with perks and loyalty rewards. This gives the customer incentive to keep coming back. You can also send emails to associated accounts to further promote your business.

6. Promotion Awards

This is by far the most superior method of marketing your business. Allow the option for users to gain rewards from recommending your business to friends. Set up a system of randomly generated referral codes for new customers to enter when creating an account from the recommendation of an existing member. Provide a reward for both users that recommend the service and those that join from recommendation. The value of this self-generated promotion is limitless, and the cost of the reward is trivial by comparison.

These are incredibly effective marketing and retention tactics that are relatively new to the scene. Be sure to take advantage of them before your competition gets a hold of them.

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