4 Web Design Basics You Cannot Afford to Ignore

4 Web Design Basics You Cannot Afford to Ignore

You can add structured data, Schema markup, JavaScript, and many other things to your website.  If you ignore the basics, however, then your website will not deliver the results that you desire. Stop right now and look critically at your site to judge how well it meets your target audience’s expectations. At the end of the day, the website offering the best user experience will bring in the most results.  


Your website needs great content. Many still try to get away with content that has little meaning or uses poor English. Instead, concentrate on creating unique content that is your ideas. Think about the issues that your target audience is experiencing. Then, show them how your products meet their needs.  


You may never hear a customer praise you for your website’s usability. If you mess it up, however, then you will listen to them complain, or you will lose their business. Make your content more readable by using an easy-to-see font along with plenty of white space. Choose a color or two to use on your website that will have an emotional impact on your target audience. Stick to no more than three colors. Create a useful navigation tool and put it in the same location on every page of your website. Never bury a significant page more than two clicks deep.  

Use High-Quality Images

Remember that the internet is a visual medium. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the images that you include on each page. Choose pictures that are of high quality and tell your brand’s story. Be sure that you choose only images that are copyright-free or create and use your photographs. Compress them and allow them to load after other content so that your page loads quickly regardless of the device. Label each with an appropriate alt tag so that the person looking at your site still knows what you intended to put there if the images do not load correctly. Always host the images on your servers.  

Bring Traffic to Your Website

Even if you have a well-written website that is beautiful, it still does no good if people are not finding your site. Therefore, spend time connecting with customers and those in associated fields through social media. Print your website’s URL on all marketing materials. Consider offering discounts to your current customers who send a new customer your way through your website. Write guests blogs and editorials where you are allowed to post your website’s address.  

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