4 Website Development Tips for Orlando Startups

4 Website Development Tips for Orlando Startups

It is hard work starting a new company, and you have many different tasks on your plate. One of those should be getting a website built that will attract customers to your business. Employ these development tips to create a website design that is sure to connect with your target audience.

Keep Words to a Minimum

Unless you are writing a blog post, you should keep your words to a minimum. Many entrepreneurs put too many words on their page. Write your content. Then, go back and eliminate anything that does not move your company’s story forward. Your home page should not have more words on it than is necessary to tell your company story. After you have written the rough copy, go back and cut out each word and sentence that does not help your readers. Be particularly cautious about using adjectives and adverbs.

Make Content Scannable

When a person looks at your content, you need to hook them in before they spend time looking at your page. Keep your sentences short. In most cases, you should aim under an eighth-grade-reading level. Then, use short paragraphs with attention-grabbing subheadings. Start each section with a subtitle that describes the main idea of the paragraph.

Draw Attention to Your Call-to-Action

You need to draw attention to your call-to-actions. You should place at least one call-to-action above the fold. Start each call-to-action with a strong action verb telling viewers exactly what you want them to do. Use words that convey strong emotions or enthusiasm. Use a unique font or design to draw the viewer’s attention to it.  After all, you want to bring the viewers attention to it. Keep at least one call-to-action the same each page to reinforce the action that you want the viewer to take.

Simplify Your Navigation

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask what information they will want to access fast. Never bury the most important pages on your website more than three clicks deep from your homepage. If you refer to other content on your site, then link directly to it.  Avoid getting fancy with your navigation. Instead, keep it simple as that helps your website load faster. Start with the most crucial elements and work from there. It often helps to draw a simple map showing your navigation.  
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