A Brief Guide to Google’s Algorithms

Every day or two, Google makes changes in how they rank websites. They swear that it is not to confuse webmasters, but one honestly must wonder. Google tightly guards the secret of how they rank websites, but there are likely over 200 ranking factors. In fact, some companies even publish a weather-like report based on how volatile rankings have been over the last 24 hours. Once Google makes something part of their algorithm, then you need to comply because it is never going away. Here are some of the major algorithm updates that you need to consider if you are a webmaster.


You should evaluate your website to make sure that it is not being hit by a Panda penalty. The first way that you can be hit by a Panda penalty is to have very little content that a user would find useful on your site. The second way that you can be hit with this algorithm is to steal content from another page or source. Therefore, you should make sure that you are always creating your own content or paying someone to create it for you. Finally, do not use the same keywords many times to the point that they lose their meaning.


Penguin continues to hurt those sites that are linking to bad websites. When it released its Search Raters Guidelines in 2018, the company made this a major point. Do not link to websites of businesses with questionable business models, such as payday loans. If you use links on your website, then make it a point to check your link profile regularly to make sure that one of those websites has not decided to link to your content. Additionally, do not buy links, but concentrate on producing great content that people will want to share with others.


This major algorithm destroyed exact word matches for keywords, and Google has concentrated on getting better at finding the main idea without using keywords ever since. Instead of using one phrase, think about all the different ways that you can share information with your audience in a useful manner.


The intent of Pigeon was to focus on local SEO. Until this algorithm’s release in 2014, local businesses could get away with many different things that bigger companies could not. One of the ways that you can prove that you are a local business who deserves the attention of people living in your community is to get listed in business directories. When you do, make sure that your business name, address and phone number are consistent across all sources.

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