Building Powerful Content Silos for SEO

If you have ever looked at pictures of Iowa or Nebraska cropland, then you may have noticed large silos designed to hold the farmer’s corn or soybeans. As more crop is put in, the level of the crop within the silo rises. The same principle applies to SEO content silos. As you post each blog post using a given keyword, then your ranking for that keyword naturally rises. Just like the farmer who must wait a while to harvest his crop to put in the silo, it may happen slowly, but rest assured that it will happen.

Choosing the Right Keywords

The first step to building content silos is to choose the right keywords. If you are a small Central Florida business, then it is usually best to choose location-based keywords. For example, you might use trust lawyer in Orlando, dance studio in Altamonte or powerboats in Sanford. Sticking with location-based keywords allows you to connect with your target audience who is more likely to walk in the door of your business. The second advantage of using location-based keywords is that you are not trying to compete with larger corporations who can afford much bigger advertising budgets. Your keywords are the silos that you are going to fill.

Creating a Master Design

Now that you have chosen your keywords, it is time to start creating content to fill your silos. The first step should be to create a master list of all the ideas that you have for blog posts. Let’s assume for a minute that you are a landscaper in Windemere. You have chosen landscaping in Windemere as your keyword. Now, you are ready to create your master design. You start brainstorming and creating a list of different ideas tied to landscaping in Windemere. You might have the best grass for Central Florida, landscaping around pools, creating an outdoor living space, attracting wildlife to your backyard and many other topics. Then, you can further divide each of those ideas. For example, under landscaping around pools, you might have creating Mediterranean landscaping around your pool, giving your pool landscaping a Caribbean flair and giving your pool a vintage vibe. Looking at a list from a keyword search tool can help generate ideas if you get stuck. You want as many ideas on your list as possible.

Generate Blog Posts

Now, you are ready to have the blog posts written. In each one, use your chosen keyword at least two times. Google and other search engines use robots to quickly scan your articles. Over time, they will discover your keyword and start raising it in their rankings. You can give them some help by creating a master article with your keyword in it to use on your homepage. Then, start linking out to your major blogs from it. Then, link your smaller blogs to your major blog giving your site more structure for Google and other search engines to follow. Slowly, your major keyword will start rising through the ranks. Once you get the first keyword to rank, go back and start the process again with another industry-related keyword.

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