The Buyer’s Journey

It does not matter if your target audience is looking to buy a horse or a fancy cocktail dress, almost all buyers go through the same buyer’s journey. The trick in web marketing is to make sure that you lead them through that journey successfully by using web marketing to connect with them each step of the way.


The journey may start in a couple of different ways. Your targeted audience member may be sitting at home and see a commercial about your product or they may be driving down the highway and hear a commercial arousing their interests. On the other hand, they may realize that they have a specific problem and start using the internet to research the topic. Connecting with customers at this stage requires you to provide them with more information. You may want to have a blog post written about the problem and offer general solutions. Alternatively, you may want to offer them a how-to guide or short e-book on the topic. You may also want to showcase industry reports and statistics. Remember not to try hard selling customers at this stage or they will leave.


The next stage is consideration where customers actively start seeking out a product that will solve their problem. These customers are actively seeking an answer, and they are hoping that you have the right solution for them. The key to connecting with customers during this phrase is to provide more in-depth information to prove that your answer is better at solving their problem than other solutions that are available on the market. You may want to have product comparison guides or expert guides produced. You may also want to use videos comparing different options or showcasing how to use your product to solve their problem. By the time that the buyer has left this stage, they are convinced that your product is the right one to solve their problem.


Once your targeted audience member enters this stage, they have already decided that you have the right solution to their problem. They are just looking for guidance to see which product they should choose. They may also need reassurance that their decision is the right one. Encourage them by engaging with customers on social media regularly. Claim your Google My Business account so that when a customer enters your business name into Google’s search engine, they instantly see great feedback from other customers. Offer them easy-to-understand product comparison charts on your website.

Web marketing in Orlando is one of the best return-on-investment methods of advertising available today. You can easily connect with customers throughout the buyer’s journey by using different techniques. Take your web marketing in Orlando to the next level by contacting REK Marketing at (407)500-0102. They want to be your internet marketing experts in Central Florida, and they will show you a variety of available options allowing you to connect with your targeted audience better.