Choosing the Right Font for Your Website

Choosing the Right Font for Your Website

One of the most critical elements of successful website design is choosing the right fonts. While your target audience may be unaware of it, the right font can make an emotional connection with your audience, helping you meet your digital marketing goals. Keep these tips in mind when choosing fonts for your website.

Pick Only Three Fonts

At most, you should use only three fonts on your website. You should have a primary font that you use for your titles, subheadings, and navigation. Your secondary font should be used in the content of your paragraphs. Finally, if desired, use a tertiary font can be used draw attention to significant information.

Match Your Brand’s Tone

You should choose fonts that match the tone of your brand. The safest bet for most professional websites is a simple symmetrical font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Be aware of your brand when selecting a font. Comic Sans, for example, is a great option for summer camp websites, not so great investment banking firms.

Think About Size

Use fonts in different sizes to emphasize points on your website. Title fonts should be between 30 to 70 pixels. Subheadings should be no less than 20 pixels to stand out. Strive to use 8 to 16-pixel fonts for the main text of your articles. Use smaller fonts sparingly as they can be challenging to see on many mobile devices.


The spacing of your text is important regardless of the font you choose. Too much space between lines will make the experience of reading your content more scattered, while too little space will make readers feel claustrophobic. Single and double spacing are the most typically used and accepted spacing formats, so try not to deviate too far from the norm on this one.

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