The Customer's Journey

The Customer's Journey

No matter what product or service the customer is looking to buy, the process they go through is similar. The following is a rundown of the consumer’s decision process when it comes to deciding what businesses to buy from.

Initial Need

Every economic transaction begins with a need for consumption. The customer’s journey of making a purchase begins with a want or need of a product or service. This demand can be determined by a host of factors, but the bottom line is that the demand exists.


The next stage in the process is the consideration of what product is right for the consumer. This decision is influenced primarily by advertising, marketing, and accessibility. Television and printed advertisements are common forms of marketing and are widely successful, however not the best forms. The most efficient and popular form of marketing today is the internet, and this is the platform most consumers will use when making their decision. Be sure to read our blog on search engine optimization to increase the chance of customers finding your business online. The accessibility of information about your business plays a major role in whether or not customers find your business. Another important factor is the information itself. Be sure to promote your business well and provide information that assures that it appears reputable.


It’s time for the customer to decide what business they will buy from. If your business is easily accessible and appealing, you’ve got a great chance at getting some more customers. In conclusion, a successful business must remain relevant, reputable, and reliable in the mind of the customer. Take advantage of the three primary stages of consumer activity to maximize the potential of your business.

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