Design Your Website With Your Target Audience in Mind

Design Your Website With Your Target Audience in Mind

Before you start designing a new website, it is crucial to identify your target audience. Your customers should dictate many choices that you make along the way. These choices may stand in stark contrast to your personal preferences. Here are some key ideas to keep in mind.  

Know Your Audience

If you have a current website, then spend some time studying your current heat map so that you know where customers click and their buying habits. Then, move elements around on your site so that it is even easier to get to these things. When you look at your site’s heat map, you can tell what calls-to-action are getting the most action. You can also determine if your customers see subscription forms. Most people scan a text-heavy website in an F pattern, so put the most important elements there. On pages where there is not a lot of text, then your target audience is more likely to scan in a Z pattern. You can also tell how far your target audience is browsing your page, and when they are making their buying decisions.  

Use Social Proof

About 80 % of customers consider reviews left online when making a buying decision. Therefore, you should be sure to offer them the proof that they need your product will meet their needs right on your site. Garner real customer reviews and list them along with their picture and a short bio on your website. You can even build these reviews into case studies on how your products helped meet your target audience’s needs. Use large share buttons with counters to show that others found the content on the page valuable. Use a third-party tool to see what others are saying about your company, and post the best ones to your website.  

Consider Your Target Audience’s Issue

Over time, it can be very easy for a website to look cluttered. Get out your imaginary microscope, and get rid of anything that does not help your audience meet their need. For example, you may sell products that people with swallowing disorders find useful. At the top of your site, you have a medical news feed, but it seldom addresses swallowing disorders, so it needs to go. Eliminate any unnecessary elements that are not essential. These elements take your site longer to load and offers more possibilities that your website will not load correctly.  

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