Don’t Lose Your Way

If you have ever had your GPS fail you on a trip where you have no idea where you are going, then you know the utter feeling of bewilderment. You may have to stop at a convenience store or other location to discover where you are going. The same thing may be happening on your website. You may be losing customers because they cannot find their way to the pages that they want. Most, however, will not stop and ask you for help. Instead, they will head to your competitor’s site costing you the sale. Keep customers on your site by following these simple website navigation tips.


Make sure that your navigation is consistent throughout your website. You should be sure to keep the same layout on every page. Your navigation menu should be in the exact same location across your site. You should also keep other components, like search boxes, chat features, address and phone number, consistent across the website. This helps customers get comfortable and helps to build trust.

Keep It Simple

If you try to add too many bells and whistles to your website, then two things happen. Your visitor does not know where you want them to focus their attention, so they get lost and leave. Secondly, your website will load slower, which will hurt you in your organic search result listings.

Lead Visitors Through the Buying Funnel

Your website traffic is very likely to be at different points in the buying funnel. Make sure that they can find the right place to connect with your website easily. You need to have an about us page and other features to build brand awareness. You also need to have detailed information allowing customers to easily compare products. Finally, you need to make it easy for customers to make a purchase and move on with their lives.

Use the Right Language

While most of the web is written on the seventh-grade reading level or under, that does not mean that your website should be written at that level. Think about the reading comprehension level of your target audience. Then, use words that they are likely to use when looking for your products or information.

Always Provide a Home Button

If you have ever gotten lost on a website, then you know that it is a very frustrating experience. Always provide an easy-to-find home button. This encourages viewers to go back to the main page of your website and start again if they get lost. Skipping this step may leave them frustrated enough to head to your competitor’s site.

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