Don’t Lose Your Way

Don’t Lose Your Way

Imagine being on a hike and losing your map in the middle of your journey. Losing your ability to navigate causes immediate panic and confusion. People don’t like being lost, and this applies to the internet as well. Maintaining visitors’ ability to navigate your website is crucial for earning their engagement and trust. Here’s how to keep your visitors comfortable with your website’s navigation.


Make sure that your navigation is consistent throughout your website. Stick with one layout for each page so visitors know where everything is. Your navigation menu should be in the exact same location across your site. You should also keep other components, like search boxes, chat features, address, and contact information consistent across the website. This helps customers get comfortable and helps build trust.

Keep It Simple

If you try to add too many bells and whistles to your website, your visitor’s focus will be scattered encouraging them to look elsewhere. Secondly, your website will load slower, which will hurt you in your organic search result listings. Keep the user’s options limited to a few key navigational tools to help them feel at home at your website.

Lead Visitors Through the Buying Funnel

Your website traffic is very likely to be at different points in the buying funnel. It’s important to feature an “about us” page to give customers a good impression of your business. Remind users of their need for your product or service and provide content to increase your validity. Include detailed information allowing customers to make informed decisions about your products. Finally, make the purchasing process simple for customers to seal the deal.

Use the Right Language

Consider the reading comprehension level of your target audience. What kind of demographic are you selling to? Make sure to use the correct language in your niche to solidify your trustworthiness and authority on the matter.

Always Provide a Home Button

Getting lost on a website is a very frustrating experience. It’s at this time that visitors will look for an escape. If you don’t want them to leave your website, be sure to provide a home button for them to rely on. These typically come in the form of your company logo on the top of the page or a similarly placed house symbol. This is the most crucial navigational tool at your users’ disposal, so don’t forget it.

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