Get Better Sales From Your Website

Get Better Sales From Your Website

You spent hours developing your website, or you spent thousands of dollars of hard-earned revenue. The experts promised that if you built a great website, then your sales would skyrocket. You have not found that to be the case, however, as your sales are not climbing as quickly as you had hoped. There may be some quick fixes that can produce the sales results that you want from your website.

Your Website Needs to be Customer Focused

Focusing your website on your customers will increase your sales. Too many sites focus on the company. Instead, focus on what benefits your customer receives when they choose to do business with you. Customers want to know that solving their issues is the focus of your business. For example, assume for a moment that you are a roofer. Your current website features all the different types of roofing materials that you can install. If you step back, however, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes, they want a roof that will protect their property. Take an intense look at each word on your website to make sure that you are putting the customer center stage.

Build Your Brand Identity

People want to be familiar with a company before making a purchase. Make consistent use of the same color across your website and other company marketing materials. Keep your fonts consistent by using only two or three choices across all your marketing materials. Choose images that reflect your brand’s personality. Generally, large photos give a more professional appearance while smaller images present a more fun vibe. Choose design elements that enhance your user’s overall website experience.

Design Your Website Around the Sales Funnel

A sales funnel contains a top, middle, and bottom. Many websites, however, focus only on the bottom. You need pages on your website that will introduce your products to your target audience. Then, you need other pages that will help them make informed buying decisions. Finally, you need pages designed to help your customers contact you or make payments for products or services securely. If you miss a part of the sales funnel on your website, then your customers will become confused and exit the funnel while giving their money to your competitors.

Define Your Target Audience

Look at an analytics program to find out who is reading your content. Are you attracting the customers you want to attract? Are you providing content that they will want to share with friends who have the same problem that you helped them solve? Too many business executives believe that a website should be done one time and abandoned. The successful ones, however, keep the website’s updated, giving customers a reason to return often.
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