Help! I Need Marketing Goals

Help! I Need Marketing Goals

In the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, it’s hard to know what your next move should be. You can choose to focus on your own website, social media, forums and a host of other choices, but you never know if you are headed in the right direction. This is where it’s important to implement marketing goals into your strategy. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. While your goals will be unique to your business, here are some core ideas you should consider.

Increase Brand Awareness

If people aren’t familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to be hesitant to engage with your business. Increasing brand awareness should be one of your marketing goals. Utilizing Google is the most effective way to solidify your brand. Google My Business, local packs, and being recognized by Google Maps are very strong methods of making your business known.


Traffic is an important facet of successful marketing. These goals can take various forms depending on what you are trying to achieve. Your goal may be to gain social media attention, bring more traffic to your website, or increase brand awareness to increase engagement with your business. Whichever goal you’re trying to accomplish, consider the volume of traffic you receive to see the results of your marketing.


Your goals could also include remarketing goals. Have ever put an item in your online shopping cart and at the last minute decided not to make the purchase? Then, a day or so later, you saw an ad for the same product. If so, then you have been remarketed. Your remarketing goal may be to get customers to make a purchase, but it may also be to build brand awareness. Remarketing goals can also help you sell accessories after someone has purchased an item from you.

Lead Generation

When you consider using the web for lead generation, it is essential to create content for where the client is in the sales funnel. Lead generation can occur at the top of the funnel by offering content that builds product or brand awareness. It can also be used in the middle of the funnel to help customers make informed decisions between different products that you sell. Finally, it is very useful at the bottom of the funnel to get customers to leave feedback or have incentive to do business with you again.

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