Judging Your Website

Judging Your Website

Your customers, Google, and others judge your website, but before they do, you need to judge your website. Looking with a critical eye ensures that you know what others are seeing on your website. Just like judges at an animal show, there are several different factors that you need to consider before arriving at your overall opinion. Thankfully, Google gives some advice on how to judge your site.  

Quality Content

Google urges you to be comprehensive, insightful, and original when creating content. When judging the content, ask yourself if this is a page that you would bookmark if you found it on someone else’s site. They also strongly warn against creating clickbait headlines.  Creating clickbait headlines is especially bad in areas dealing with money or your life, the creator of the content, which can be a corporation, needs to have an impeccable reputation. As you look at your website, it is important to consider four different questions.  

Content and Quality Question

Content needs to be of the highest quality. Each page should leave an impact on your target audience member looking at it. Since it is impossible to meet everyone’s needs, you must determine who composes your target audience and hyper-focus on them. Your content must be unique to be attractive to your target audience member. If it is not, then they will not remember your company, and you have wasted your time. You need to make sure that after engaging with the content on your website, viewers understand what makes your company unique from all the others. Make your content stand out by putting it in the format that your target audience prefers.  


Your website should prove that you are an expert in your niche. That does not necessarily mean that you have many college credentials to back you up. If you have been a hobbyist in your area for a long time, then let other people know what you have accomplished. If you can find a way to create a portfolio of your work, this allows others to judge your abilities for themselves.  


While you may think of it as the bells-and-whistles, your website needs an attractive layout. Ensure that your content displays correctly on all devices. Keep paragraphs short and start each one with a subheading as your target audience will first scan the content before backing up and reading it if you have captured their attention. Take a look at the competition in your market to see what they are doing. Try doing it better in a unique way that is more useful to your target audience member.  

It can be challenging to judge your website when you have spent so many hours working on it. That is why you need to hire an SEO company in Orlando to do a review of it. The SEO company will give you a full report on where you are succeeding and where you still need to improve. Contact REK Marketing and Design today.


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