The Painful Truth That Words are Destroying Your Marketing Message

The Painful Truth That Words are Destroying Your Marketing Message

While you have been racking your brain to come up with the right words to include on your website, the painful truth is that your words may be hurting your efforts. The wrong words, too many words, or weak words can do more harm than good to your web marketing efforts. Keep the following tips in mind and choose your words carefully.

Get to the Point

Use only the words that you need to convey your message. Be wary of using adjectives and adverbs. Get right to the point and drive it home in the fewest words possible. With attention spans becoming shorter, this concept is crucial.

Information Overkill

Too much information is a negative. Avoid anecdotes and provide facts. Most people doing business online are looking for specific pieces of information and have no time to waste reading things they don’t care about.

Eliminate Jargon

Unless you are writing for an extremely technical audience or must comply with government regulations, use simple language. People outside of your industry would be lost if your website constantly rattles off complex jargon. Use your subheadings to move your content forward and keep paragraphs short.

Avoid First Person

First person typically indicates a more biased, less reliable point of view. In order to give readers a reliable relationship, it’s best to maintain a second-person point of view. When referring to your reader, do so as if you’re having a conversation with them.

Abolish Passive Voice

In passive voice, the subject of the sentence is acted upon by the verb. Using this excessively makes readers uneasy, as if you’re beating around the bush and not being straightforward. Instead of saying “The cookies will be baked by me”, be authoritative and state that “I will be baking the cookies”. Avoid passive voice to ensure that your website is a reliable source of information.

Consistent Voice

The voice of your business website plays a key role in the impression it makes with visitors. Maintain a tone that’ll best connect with your audience. Be authoritative when informing your audience, be personal when trying to relate to them. Your business is sure to change in the future. When it does, make sure that it’s voice changes with it.

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