Rebranding Your Business in 2019

Rebranding Your Business in 2019

You may be considering joining the growing list of companies who are thinking about rebranding your company. On average, major corporations rebrand every eight years, while many small businesses do it much more often. There are many reasons that rebranding may help improve your business. Getting a rebrand usually involves creating new marketing materials along with a new logo, which helps to eliminate the dated look. Others choose to change because they are servicing a different target audience. Rebranding can help a company find its focus. This allows them to more easily identify choices that will move their company forward from those that are not for them.  Rebranding can also help attract the right type of employees.  

Seek Feedback

You should never go solo into a company rebranding. Instead, you must seek feedback from many different avenues. Start with a small group of employees. Brainstorm with them about what they think that your company should stand for in the future. Seek feedback from vendors and others in your network to see what value they can add to your rebranding ideas. Contact a few of your regular customers to get their feedback.  After you consider everyone’s feedback, set goals for your rebranding efforts.  

Plan Changes

You should create a timeline of the changes that you want to make. One person that you will want to consult is your web designer. Bringing them on early helps them prepare a new look for your company’s marketing materials. They may even be able to help you design a new company logo. They can start working on redesigning your company’s online catalog to reflect your unique branding as all these things take time. Another important thing that you will want to consider in your rebranding efforts is the cost.  

Update Your Mission Statement

When you rebrand, you need to make sure that your corporate mission statement reflects those changes. The statement should reflect what sets your company apart from your competition. You should write it so that customers feel that they are at the center of all your corporation’s activities. The statement should be short and memorable.  

Spread the Word

The last step in rebranding is to spread the word to your customers. Many SEO companies can be helpful in this effort by writing press releases and spreading them through their networks. You should have your website ready by your rebrand launch date. Writing blog posts and other content pieces about the ideas behind your rebranding helps customers feel that you have kept them in the loop.  

If it is time to rebrand your Orlando company, then you need to work with a company doing web design in Orlando. These professionals should be brought into the process early as they can be a great asset in getting things ready for your rebranding. The best company to contact about web design in Orlando is REK Marketing and Design.  


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