Recovering From Google Core Updates in 2019

Recovering From Google Core Updates in 2019

On March 12 and 13, Google rolled out a core update to their algorithm. While they announced this update, they likely rolled out another update in late June. While some websites saw their search engine result page ratings take a drastic jump upward, others saw them take a disappointing plunge. If you were one of those who saw your site go lower, then follow this helpful advice to regain your former position.

Concentrate on the End-user

The focus of every page on your website should be your target audience member. Instead of asking who is in your target audience, try asking who your company is designed to help. Once you find the answer, then work on serving them to the best of your ability with a giving heart. The more you can meet the needs of your audience, the more they will return to your site. They will also become repeat buyers, recommend your company and bring along their friends. Your content marketing should focus on helping people in ways that no one else is currently helping them.

Increase Your Business’ Positive Reputation

Another way to recover from Google’s updates is to build your positive online reputation. Seek reviews wherever possible and professionally respond to them. Claim your Google My Business account and encourage customers to leave reviews there. It is unethical to offer customers rewards for leaving reviews. You or a member of your staff can ask for a review when the customer is likely to be most pleased with their purchase. Make your presence known on social media and in forums while being genuinely helpful.

Post Unique Content

You need to be posting unique content to your website regularly. Read through any old post and if the content has become unreliable, eliminate it or update it with the latest information. The aim of all content should be to solve your customer’s issues. Always take the focus off you and your company by showing and telling customers how the features of your product can solve their current pain point. Make sure that none of your content has been copied and posted somewhere else. Each tie that you create content run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure that it is unique before posting it. You can file a demand with Google that copied content be taken down. It is usually faster to create a new content piece that is better than the one that your competitor stole.
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