SEO for the Win

If you have a competitive spirit, then you can compete against your competitors on the internet using search engine optimization (SEO). Just like the Orlando Magic basketball team would never think of going into a game without learning everything they can about their opponents, you should not try to compete in SEO without learning about your competitors. The great news is that getting competitive in SEO encourages innovation, prevents compliancy and encourages you to improve every aspect of your business. Here is a brief overlook at the playbook on being competitive in SEO on the internet.

Identify Your SEO Competitors

You are never going to win the SEO game without knowing the names of your competition. Regardless of what Orlando business you are in, you can probably name other businesses in Central Florida that are very similar to yours. That, however, may not be your SEO competition. Let’s assume that you own a bakery. Your main competitors online may be the Food Network or All Recipes instead of the bakery located just down the street. Your main SEO competitors are the ones that rank on the first page of search engine results for the keywords you want to rank on.

Evaluate Keyword Difficulty

You can choose your competition in SEO by choosing the right keywords. Let’s look at how this works. The keyword “cupcakes” can be extremely hard to rank for because there is so much competition. If you run the term through a keyword analysis tool, you will find a huge search volume. You will also find companies, like Pillsbury and Betty Crocker, who have large budgets trying to compete for these keywords. Instead of spending your limited advertising budget on those keywords, choose moderately competitive ones like “cupcakes in Orlando” to allow you to compete better.

Consider Their Content

Now, take the top two or three sites in your niche and see what type of content they are producing. Find out if they are using how-to tutorials, listicles, whitepapers or some other form of content. Scan some of them to determine how in-depth their content gets. Make a list of the different topics that they are covering. When you understand all these details, then you can create your own content that far exceeds their best.

Play Offense with On-page SEO

While you need to have great content that connects with your target audience, you also need to look at the user’s experience. Just like the Orlando Magic offers a play area for children, an interactive museum of the greatest moments in Magic history and chances to interact with players, you need to make sure that your site is user-friendly. In order to increase the enjoyment that your visitors get when they head to your site, make sure that your site’s navigation is easy to follow and that your page loads quickly.

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