SEO Numbers to Watch

SEO Numbers to Watch

Think back to your school days and you will remember that teachers gave you a number grade for each subject that you studied. The higher the number, the better you were doing in the class. The same principle applies to SEO. There are at least four numbers that you can use to see how well your site is performing.  


Your ranking shows your position in the organic listings. Since about 66 % of all searches are done on Google worldwide, that is where most people focus. Earning the top spot in the organic listings on Google can earn you 33 % of the clicks for people entering your keyword into a search box. Therefore, it is worth the effort to get to number one. That can be tough to do, however, as Google uses over 200 ranking factors, and no one knows what all of them are for sure. While you can sometimes pay to have your website appear at the top of the list, searchers only click on the first paid link about 8 % of the time.  

Search Volumes

Another number that you need to think about when doing SEO is search volume. Many tools will help you see the number of times on average people enter that phrase into a search box. Finding the right balance can be very tricky for small businesses. Choosing keywords with too high a search volume means you are competing with major corporations that may have much larger advertising budgets. Alternatively, selecting keywords with too little search volume means that you are wasting your time because not enough people are looking.  

Organic Traffic Levels

You will get two types of traffic to your site. Direct traffic indicates that the person knows your web address, and they are heading directly to your site. Organic traffic levels indicate the people are finding your website through search engine result pages. There are several ways that you can rise through the ranks and gain a more significant share of the organic search traffic for your keywords. Make sure that you are creating content that real users will enjoy and delivering it in the method they prefer. Updating your site, like adding a blog post regularly, also helps. Use meta descriptions and meta data to show search engines each page’s main idea. Promote your content on social media.  

Onsite Conversions

Onsite conversion is one of the most important as it affects your return-on-investment. It can be one of the hardest for small businesses to measure. The reason is that a site can convert in many different ways, like getting people to visit your physical location, call your company, or submit a form online. Surveying your customers is often a great way to determine where your sales are originating.  

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