Six Ways to Improve Your SEO

Six Ways to Improve Your SEO

Website accessibility and readability are two key factors in boosting your business by using a website to market your services and products.  Improving your SEO is critical in making sure you have a large presence in the online world, which will help people find and search your webpage more frequently.  As experts in SEO in Orlando, we at REK Marketing help to create updated, reliable, and noteworthy content for our clients' business webpages.  Many of our clients focus on SEO in order to maximize their online presence.  Here are six ways to improve your SEO and boost your business.

Produce Quality Content

When you write the content for your website, focus on the important information that you want clients to know right away.  Create recent, relevant information that will allow them to quickly understand the mission and vision of your company.  Consider hiring an experienced writer to tailor your content specifically to your targeted audience.

Improve Your Dwell Time

The more time people spend browsing your website, the higher your dwell time will be.  When you have a high dwell time, your website will pop up in more locations.  Keeping people interested in your website by making it readable and easy to navigate will help keep people's interest once they are on your site.

Use Headings

To break up your content, use headings that alert the reader to the next important topic.  This creates an easy-to-read site that is also organized and appealing.  Be sure to put your headings in larger, even more colorful text to continue a thematic and cohesive look throughout your website.  

Write a Blog

Blogging has become a popular way to increase SEO, because you will be constantly creating relevant, updated content for your readers.  This helps to bulk up the searchable content on your website while still creating a following of readers who are interested in your business.  By updating your blog on a routine basis, those readers will return time and time again to check out the new information.

Use More Than Just Text

Your website should not be overloaded with words and texts only.  Be sure to also break it up by using visuals, videos, pictures, graphics, logos, and even audio to help keep your customers interested.  By incorporating multimedia modes of information, you will be able to reach a broader audience.

Use a Sensible Format

It is extremely important to use an organized format that makes your webpage easy to navigate.  If you have a confusing organizational scheme, customers will likely give up and move on to a different company.  Make sure your layout is neat, clean, and readable.  Use bullet points, keywords, headings, and other ways to appeal to readers and make it easy to access information.

By implementing these six steps, you can quickly and easily improve the SEO on your business's website.  If you are looking for tips on how to maximize your SEO in Orlando, contact us today to get started with our expert web marketing team.

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