The Impact of Website Color Choice on Buyer Behavior

You have probably brought a product without knowing exactly why you were purchasing it. Thousands of dollars may have gone into researching how to make that product attractive to you. One of the factors that went into consideration was the packaging’s color choice, and it worked because you have the product in your hands. You can apply those same principles to your web design in Orlando. Here are some color choices you may want to consider and the impact that they will have on your website’s targeted audience.


While white is the absence of color, its use on your website can be very powerful. Using lots of white on your website may be perfect if you want to convey newness, honesty, and cleanliness. It can also be used to show innocence and perfection. White, however, can be hard on the eyes, so consider limiting its use if you want to fill your website with lots of details.


Scientists know that staring at red increases the heart rate and makes breathing faster. Red is one of the most powerful colors, and it demands attention. It also causes people to want to eat more. Red can be a great color to use for calls-to-action. Be aware, however, that red can create aggressive feelings, so if you want to create a warm and friendly website, think about limiting its use.


Blue is the most used color in web design. If you are thinking about using blue for web design, choose the right shade. Lighter blue shades can create a calming effect, which can be great at getting people to think about relaxing. Darker shades can be used to create clearer thinking. Be aware, however, that dark blue can cause depression and feelings of coldness in some viewers.


Yellow is a showstopper when used in web design because of its ability to deliver a powerful message. Most people automatically feel happier when they see lots of yellow. Be careful, however, to break up the color with other options as it can be very harsh on the eyes.


Green is the second most common color in web design and the most common color in the natural world. People often associate it with movement, cash, and reliability. Choosing the right shade of green can be tricky. Artists make green paint by combining blue and yellow paint. You can apply the same principles to choosing the right shade of green. If you are wanting your target audience to feel light and happy, then stick with those greens with a yellow tint, but if you want them to feel tranquil and relax, opt for options with a blue tint.

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