Tips for Improving Front-end Performance

Tips for Improving Front-end Performance

If you have a website with outstanding front-end performance, then it is much easier to meet your company’s web marketing goals. While you cannot control your user’s connection speed, improving how fast your site loads helps to retain more visitors to your site. When pages load quickly, your viewers have a better user experience, which may impact the amount of money that they spend. Google and other search engines test your site’s speed. They usually place faster-performing sites ahead of others if all other factors are equal. For all these reasons and more, it is essential to have a website with excellent front-end performance.

How Do You Measure Front-end Performance?

There are many different metrics that you can measure to determine your site’s front-end performance. While many believe that time to the first byte is one of the factors affecting front-end performance, if your website is slow to load the first byte, then you have a bad server configuration or poor back-end coding. Instead, one of the primary factors to look at when judging your site’s front-end performance is the time it takes for the first bit of content to appear on the page. A second useful metric is how long it takes for content above the fold to load. You will also want to look at how long it takes your website to become responsive to user input. Finally, consider how long it takes for the website to load fully, including all images, CSS, and JavaScript.

How Can You Improve Front-end Performance?

There are many different things that you can do to improve your site’s front-end performance. Your HTML coding should be concise and effective. Improve website visitor load times by moving your CSS from the end of your coding to its beginning. Then, visitors will start to see things on your website sooner, and they are more likely to wait for your website to load fully. On the other hand, move your JavaScript to the bottom of the page as your website will load faster. Minimize cascading style sheets without eliminating vital features that your customer’s love. Be very cautious when choosing plugins, unnecessary CSS, and JavaScript elements and ensure that every image adds to the user’s experience. After you have cleaned your webpage of unnecessary items, then compress files. Finally, use a program to optimize all images on every web page.
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