Tips for Improving Your E-A-T

Tips for Improving Your E-A-T

One of the acronyms that you need to be familiar with to be successful in building your online presence is E-A-T. It stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. When Google raters look at your website, they are commanded to judge each of these areas. Google builds EAT into every algorithm. Therefore, it is essential that you concentrate on these three aspects when constructing a new website or adding to your current one.  

Why It Matters

Proving to Google that you E-A-T in your area will help you raise through the multitude of traffic to place well in their organic search listings. It can also be essential in getting them to put you in the top three in their local search rankings. It can also help you place higher for users looking at Google Maps. Therefore, proving that you are an expert is essential to your online success.  


While you certainly need an “about me” page, Google gives very little credence to this page because anyone can claim to be an expert. Your whole website will be judged as a whole to determine your expert level. Therefore, you must use keywords on each page that real people will search for and create content addressing those keywords. You also need to develop off-site content. For example, create YouTube videos that people will want to share, interact with people on social media, give great answers in forums, write guests blogs and serve as a local media expert in your niche.  


You also need to prove that you are an authority that others in your area trust. The first place to start is creating content that related professionals will want to share with their audience. Writing useful articles that get published in high-authority publications can be a great way to prove that you are an authority. Creating inbound and outbound links can show that you are an authority, but you should always check these and disavow those on skeptical sites or those that have low domain authority.  


There are many different ways that you can prove to Google that you operate a trustworthy company. Start by claiming your Google My Business account and interact with customers there regularly. Even if you get a bad review, make sure that you respond professionally. Claim your listings on other sites and interact with people there too. Make sure that your terms of service and any other relevant policies are easy to find and clearly written.  

You must prove you are an expert, speak with authority, and are trustworthy to improve your SEO in Orlando. Working with a professional organization, like REK Marketing and Design, ensures that you complete each of these tasks while having time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Give them a call today to get started on improving your SEO in Orlando.  


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