Tips for Using Effective Imagery on the Internet

Tips for Using Effective Imagery on the Internet

Studies from the Social Science Research Network find that 65% of people are visual learners. Humans are visually inclined beings, meaning that it’s important to use imagery to capture attention. It is vital, however, to choose the right images for your website because you want to deliver a consistent message to your viewers. Here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right images for your website.

Choose Quality

Internet users tend to trust products or services accompanies by high-quality pictures. Ideally, you are hiring a great photographer to take your images; but that is not always in the budget. Therefore, you may want to use Google Advanced Image Search to find high-quality unique images available for use. There are also plenty of free online sources of phenomenal photography that you can utilize, such as Canva.

Label Them Correctly

Since you want Google to rank your site and Google cannot read photos, make sure that each image that you include has an alt tag: a small label that can help Google identify the content of the image. This is also a great way to ensure the viewer has an idea of the image’s content in the event that it doesn’t load. Additionally, make sure that you list the photographer and source information unless otherwise authorized.

Deliver a Message

Each photo on your website should be delivering a message. The adage is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure that your photos deliver a positive message about your company. You can also use images incite the emotions of your viewers encouraging them to take the action you desire.

Be Unique

Your images should be unique. There are several different techniques that you can use to create unique images even if you are getting using copyright-free images off the internet. Cropping and filtering are great techniques that anyone can perform. Consider blurring the photo and using a word overlay to deliver your message. Also consider amplifying or suppressing color from the image depending on the message you are trying to deliver.

Group Photos and Images

One of the most effective things that you can do is to group images on your website allowing you to draw attention to particular words. Think about the style of typography that looks best and the size of the font that you want to use to deliver your message effectively. While single images can be very powerful, so can images that have been grouped together with a common theme.

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