Tips on Web Design that Attracts Potential Clients

Tips on Web Design that Attracts Potential Clients

Tips on Web Design that Attracts Potential Clients

Currently, websites attract more potential clients to a business than billboards, word-of-mouth, and referrals.  Attractive web designs can bring business to your company simply because customers like what they see.  When visitors come to your company's website, they want to be engaged, attracted, and able to easily navigate for critical information.  There are many tips for creating web design that attracts potential clients and boosts your business.

Make a Great First Impression

In business, first impressions are truly everything.  When creating a website, you will want to focus primarily on the homepage design.  When potential customers visit your website, this is their first stop.  You don't want to make it their last stop, so be sure to place much of your design efforts on establishing the quality of your brand and services within a quick glance.  Without an attractive homepage, visitors will often leave before they are educated enough on your business, and they will be less likely to return.

Avoid Clutter

In order to attract your target audience, you want to make your website easy to navigate.  This will help customers find their way to important and engaging content that will inform them about who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them.   Promote a great user experience by having easily navigable layouts that are consistent throughout your website.  You want to create visually appealing and clear content that doesn't confuse readers.  Avoid too many words and instead focus on supplementing taglines with artwork.

Use Effective Call-to-Action Links

In order to have optimal search efficiency, using call-to-action links throughout your website is a great idea.  This will help your visitors easily navigate through your entire website, exploring and educating themselves on more about your business and its intricacies.  Be sure to place these links in strategic spots to increase conversion and assist with navigation.  Make sure these links are clear and stand out so they can be fully utilized.  

Don't Oversell

The customer knows very well that the goal of your website is to retain customers and boost business.  However, this doesn't mean that they want to be overwhelmed with marketing tactics and sales talk.  Avoid overselling by instead professionally and succinctly stating your services and business mission.  Let the taglines and images do the selling by choosing the right content.  Simple is more respectable.  When your website reads like a sales pitch or like a spam email, potential customers will likely leave your site with a bad taste in their mouth.

Web design is the most effective when visitors like what they see and are full engaged in the content as they read and click through it.  As specialists in web design in Orlando, we at REK Marketing utilize our expertise in web design to create the optimal website for our clients.  We focus on helping their businesses thrive by creating attractive, relatable, and navigable websites that keep customers returning for more.  Contact us today to get started with our web marketing services and boost your business with an appealing online platform.