Top Mistakes Made by Web Marketing Agencies

Top Mistakes Made by Web Marketing Agencies

Many businesses pay thousands of dollars to web marketing agencies to get their websites to perform better, and your company may be one of them. Usually working with a marketing agency is money well spent. Some businesses find that their websites do not perform any better than they did when they were doing it themselves. If this is true at your company, then there may be many reasons why.  

Poor Backlink Profiles

There are several reasons that your backlink profile created by a web marketing agency may not be working for you. The agency should first be fixing all technical and user experience issues. Many different factors affect your backlink profile, including your site's loading speed, its ability to be used on mobile devices, thin content, and duplicate meta descriptions.  

Duplicate Content

Some web marketing agencies try to cut corners by using the same content for multiple companies. Google and other search engines spot this problem quickly. Then, they downgrade all websites that have that content on them. Even if the agency has created unique content for your site, the marketing agency should be continually scanning the web to make sure that someone else has not lifted that content.  

Poor Title Tags

Title tags should be at the top of every webpage as they tell the crawlers and visitors what the webpage is about in a concise and meaningful way. They will also appear when your website ranks in search engine ratings. Using your chosen keywords near the beginning of the title tag may help boost your placing in the ratings. They should be between 50 and 65 characters long. They should include your brand name, and they should be unique to each page. Finally, your headline should be different than your title tag.  

No Fresh Content

Your website may also be performing poorly because of the lack of fresh content. While there are no hard-and-fast rules for how often the agency should post new content to your website, your marketing agency should be posting new content at least monthly. If you are in a niche that changes often, then the updates should occur much more frequently. The agency may also not be removing content that has become outdated from your website.  

Lack of About Me Page

Google's algorithm is set to rate higher those websites that are experts in their niche, speak with authority, and are trustworthy. One way to prove this is by putting an About Me page on your website. This critical page should demonstrate that you have the knowledge to speak on your topic.  

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