Use Google’s Three-pack to Build Your Local Business

Assume for a moment that you are driving in a part of Orlando that you are not familiar with, and you suddenly want a great steak. You have no idea where to go and cannot think of a single friend that is familiar with this part of the city. Therefore, you pull out your smartphone and google steakhouses near me. Instantly, Google produces a list of steakhouses near your location. Before the organic listings, you see three top recommendations. You head to the first one and have a delightful meal.

This experience happens all the time, and it is one of the reasons that you want to try to get your business listed in Google’s three-pack, which is often called their local pack. While Google protects the exact algorithm that they use to choose those selections, there is some strong evidence on how you can find your business listed there.


Of course, you cannot control the proximity of your business to the person doing the search, but there are some things that you will want to control. Google your business name and go to every site that lists a name, address and phone number for your business to make sure that they are consistent across the web. Then, make sure that you have claimed your Google My Business Listing so that Google can locate your business and show it in the right categories. Make sure to stuff your description with keywords that describe what your business does.


Just like you do not want to send your friends to a business that is not top-notch, neither does Google. Therefore, it is essential that you get great reviews from your customers regularly. Claim as many review site listings as possible. While there will be some variation by industry, most Orlando businesses should have claimed listings on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau, and Foursquare. Ask your customers if there is anything that you could do to make their experience with your company better. Then, when you have met their needs, ask them if they would leave your company a review. Read these reviews regularly, thanking customers for great ones and asking those leaving neutral or poor reviews to contact you to see how a problem can be resolved.


While you do not have to have the top organic listing to appear in Google’s three-pack, you do need a website that you have updated regularly. Having someone write blogs that are updated regularly helps Google know that you are still in business and doing a great job. While many websites have many bells and whistles, this can hurt your business. Instead, opt for a well laid-out website that is user-friendly.

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