A Checklist for Creating a Business Website that Drives Traffic

A Checklist for Creating a Business Website that Drives Traffic

Are you setting out to create a website that will wow the customers and drive more business into your doors?  Do you want to develop a stunning website that keeps people scrolling through your pages?  Web development in Orlando is a great way to increase your customer base and be readily available to answer questions at any time.  You will be able to access your customers without having to be physically present.  Creating beautiful, attractive, and informative web content for your business website is a challenge.  It requires awareness to many different marketing strategies, web design elements, and SEO principles.  Before you get started, you want to be sure to follow this checklist for what makes a great business website that can drive traffic and increase business.

Attractive and Functional Design

When you set out to create your website, you want to first consider the layout and design.  Your design should be both functional and attractive, which will make it easy to navigate and appealing to your customers.  When it meets both of these criteria, your customer will be more likely to spend more time on your site.  This will help increase your visibility.  Also, the customer will be able to easily locate any information that they may be looking for, which increases the likelihood of them completing their transaction.  

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Your website should include your contact information for your business.  This will allow customers to easily find you when they are looking to come to your business or contact you.  You should have an easy to access page with only your contact information, including your phone number, address, and any other information they may need.  You may also even want to consider a contact form to address any quick questions via email.  This is great to attract business while customers are browsing your site and doing particular research on your products and services.

Quality Content

As experts in web development in Orlando, we understand the importance of creating quality content for your business website.  Writing content is not easy, and writing content that intrigues and attracts customers is even more of a challenge.  However, quality content is necessary for selling your products and services.  Without informative and engaging content, you will lose potential customers.  Be sure to trust your marketing experts and communication team with the content creation for your website.


This may seem redundant, but linking to other pages within your website is also essential to creating a valuable customer experience.  Internal links are also a great way to increase your SEO score, which will optimize your website for search engines.  This will drive more traffic to your webpage over time, which will also help boost business.  Internal links are also great ways for your customer to interact within your website and easily find any information they are looking for.  When you insert clickable links, you save them from scrolling and searching multiple pages.  This makes your website much more user-friendly, which will be appreciated by any customer.

Mobile Friendly

While you want your website to be user-friendly, you also want to be sure that is mobile-friendly.  Most people will be using smartphones and devices to search for your business, as they may be doing a quick search while they are already out of the house.  This means that you want to streamline your website to make it easy to navigate on a mobile screen.  Our team that specializes in web development in Orlando will make sure to keep your website mobile friendly to help increase your customer's experience on your site.


When you create your website, you should trust graphic designers and professionals in web development in Orlando to create branding for your business.  To promote your brand, be sure to include your logo, slogan, and color scheme throughout your website.  This will make it easier for customers to recognize you whenever they see you, which will increase their exposure and awareness to your business.  Being easily recognizable is another great way to stick out in people's minds and boost your customer conversion ratio.

Social Media Sharing Options

In today's world, you want to be sure that your website is interactive with social media sharing options.  Using these buttons or options, you allow your customers to engage with your website.  This also helps increase your exposure, because people will be more likely to share important information or promotions directly from your site.  This also helps to create tried-and-true testimonials, as those who like your business will typically be the ones sharing the information with their friends.

Attractive Visuals

While you want to provide quality content for your customers to read, you also want to create powerful and attractive visuals as well.  This should include your branding and logo, but it should also include any relatable images that can sell what you are offering.  If your business is service-based, you should provide pictures of the service you provide.  If your business is product-based, provide images of the products you sell.  Be sure that you use quality images.  In fact, you may even want to hire a professional photographer to create the best content for your website.

These are some of the main items that you want to have on your business website if you are looking to drive more traffic to your site and increase the business that comes through your doors.  When you are looking to increase your traffic by creating a stunning website, you should hire the experts in web development in Orlando.  Our marketing experts, SEO professionals, and web designers work together to create an attractive and informative website for you.  Contact us today to hear about how we can help you get the traffic and business you are looking for.


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