Eight Web Design Trends You Need to Know About This Year

Eight Web Design Trends You Need to Know About This Year

Designing a website for your small business is no easy feat.  It requires knowledge of the constantly changing trends in web marketing, design, and SEO.  Because the development of software and web design applications is always evolving to meet the demand and produce the best aesthetic, you should trust the experts in web design in Orlando to take care of your web marketing needs.  Our website creators, SEO experts, and web designers are up-to-date on the most efficient, attractive, and streamlined web practices to meet your small business needs.  This year, there are a few trends that stand out above the rest.  These are some of the current web design trends in 2020 that you need to know about when designing and updating your small business webpage.

Dark Themes

Light and dark design contrast is visually appealing to many users when they are browsing through the internet.  By using dark themes, you can quickly grab the user's attention and keep them scrolling through your page.  Dark modes use low-light interfaces that reduce the need for straining your eyes and also conserve battery power.  These are two important features for those who are used to checking on websites using their mobile phones, which most people do these days.  This user-friendly and attractive website design is easy to implement and can set you apart from your competitors.  Our team of experts in web design in Orlando utilizes many dark themes to enhance the user experience when they are browsing your small business website.  This also allows your text and images to pop, alerting them to important products or services that you offer.

Abstract Graphics

Many web designers are now incorporating graphics with an abstract appearance.  These designs appeal to any business, as they can be altered in color and style to match their overall branding.  Although these images are typically not functional in relaying information, selling products, or answering questions, they are aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the consumer.  These images catch the eye of those browsing through the webpage, so you can place important information near to the graphic to sell or inform the customer about your products or services.  Abstracts are a great and simple way to add an attractive, artistic element to your page.  

Color Gradients

There has recently been a rise in the use of multi-color gradients in web design.  Our specialists in web design in Orlando use many different color schemes and features to help your website pop, and using color gradients is just one way to enhance this feature.  This produces a subtle change and appeal in the overall design and color scheme of your website.  It adds texture and contrast to what can otherwise be a basic and maybe even overdone web page.

Emotional Appeal

Today, the focus has shifted from simply relaying information to creating an emotional impact.  Whenever you can create an emotional attraction to your product or services, people will be drawn in to your appeal.  This also encourages more interaction that makes the experience more personable and meaningful.  Website visitors will feel more valued as they read about your business or view your graphics.  Using simple animated effects, asking questions in a poll, or encouraging support for your cause are just a few ways to appeal to your visitors' emotions on your website.

Overlapping Layers

Websites have many different elements, like text, graphics, images, buttons, scroll bars, and much more.  When you overlap some of these features and create layers, you can make your page more visually appealing.  Overlapping your layers will give the user a sense of depth and dimension.  Consider overlapping boxes, images, backgrounds, icons, and videos to keep them unified and organized while also adhering to the new trend.

Visual Data Figures

Although it is common to embed positive results, customer testimonials, and statistics within the paragraphs of your website content, lately there has been a push towards using data visualizations.  This encourages more interaction with your content and it focuses on an attractive design to tell the information.  Using charts, figures, or interactive maps are great ways to make the data more visual for your audience.  Visualizing the data will allow more comprehension and retention of the material, while also providing beautiful content on your page.

3D Features

Creating depth on your website will be aesthetically pleasing and alluring for your viewers.  Whenever you insert graphics or bold text, make it stand out by adding 3-dimensional elements to your page.  Designs with 3D elements will give viewers an unexpected and exciting experience when they are browsing your website, which will make you a more memorable site.  This will encourage them to scroll through your page, which will increase your conversation ratio and entice them to become your customer.

Personalized Features

Many businesses are using more personalization features on their website in order to avoid the cookie cutter model.  Nowadays, people enjoy services that are tailored to their demands and needs.  When you design your website to customize the experience to the user, they will be more likely to give you the business.  Features like quizzes, profile information, geo-location, and behavioral profiling can make this possible.

These are a few of the web design trends that are popular, attractive, and efficient this year.  When you implement even just a couple of these trends into your website design, you will likely notice a boost in your online presence.  Having an efficient, professional, and appealing webpage is essential in driving traffic to your page and bringing business into your company.  Trust the professionals in web design in Orlando to create the best website for your needs.  Contact us to hear about the quality web services we offer today.

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