Facts about SEO Everyone Should Know

Facts about SEO Everyone Should Know

When you have an online presence with a website or blog, you are always going to be focusing on optimizing your SEO score.  This involves being aware of many different factors about your content, images, searchability, and more.  SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, helps make your website much easier for future customers to find on the internet.  SEO is the process of increasing website traffic by increasing its visibility on search engines that customers use to find your page.  This involves many aspects, such as embedding links, posting relevant content, using keywords, and updating on a regular basis.  There are a few SEO companies in Orlando that can help you design a website that will improve your SEO and increase customer retention from your web presence.  They are experts in maximizing your online presence, because they know all of the current SEO trends and tricks.  There are a few facts about SEO that you should know when designing a website.

SEO is Both On Site and Off Site

There are two ways to increase your SEO, and one of them might surprise you.  The first, and most common, method of increasing SEO is to add enriching content and common keywords on your website.  This is your on-site SEO.  However, many people don't know that your SEO score is also determined by what is off-site.  This means that you need to include links and shareable content to help other websites navigate to and from your page.  You want to create an interactive and relevant webpage to increase your off-site SEO.  Surprisingly, the off-site, meaning on someone else's webpage, SEO makes up over three-fourths of your SEO score.  It is incredibly important to include content that people will want to link to, so that it brings more customers to your audience.  Search engines will recognize this and it will work to increase traffic to your site.

Page Titles Increase SEO

One of your main goals is to create relevant content for your website.  Not only does this increase your SEO, it also provides the customer with the information they need to truly understand your business and its services or products.  After creating relevant content, the next important way to increase your SEO is by writing page titles with searchable keywords.  Make sure that your page titles use recognizable words and phrases.  Page titles are the phrases on the very top of the browser on the search tab, indicating exactly what page the customer is viewing at the time.   They are critical in increasing your SEO score because they are the word and phrases those potential customers will type into the search engine.  

Headings Are Also Important

Similar to page titles, you want to create headings that are rich in your keywords.  Headings in H2 and H3 are often in bolded, larger text, which creates a visual appeal on your website.  Because they appear larger, they also help to increase your SEO and searchability.  They work in a similar way as page titles.  When you put your keywords, such as "SEO companies in Orlando" in your headings and page titles, you will increase traffic each time someone goes to a search engine and types in that phrase.  When people are looking for that particular service, they will likely see your website pop up in their options.  

Informative Meta Descriptions Help Conversion Rates

Meta descriptions, which are the summarized preview of the article that appear underneath your link, will increase the amount of times people click on your link.  Even if they don't spend a lot of time on your website, this will still positively affect your SEO score.  The key is to make your meta descriptions quick and persuasive. Google will only provide you with 155 characters for your meta descriptions.  After that, they will cut off your text using an ellipsis, and people won't ever get to read the rest.  Keeping it short, informative, and persuasive will help to increase the amount of traffic that visits your website.

The Higher You Are, The More Results You'll Get

When people search for your business, services, or products, you want your company website to pop up closer to the top of the list.  Your place in the ranking drastically affects your web traffic.  In fact, over three-fourths of the traffic will go to the top five links in the ranking.  The best way to outrank other links is to focus on increasing your SEO.  One way to do this is to focus on enriching keywords and relevant content.  Also increase your connections with clients, other business, and social media.  The more your website is shared and relevant to others, the more searchable it will be.  Many SEO companies in Orlando can provide you with the best tips and tricks that will quickly increase your ranking and your SEO score.  Hiring a company to test your SEO will only help you increase your web traffic, which over time will also increase the business that walks through your doors.

These are just a few relevant facts about SEO that will aide in the creation of your business website.  When you design a website, you want to make all the right decisions in order to bring traffic to your page.  When you more people that coming to your website, you'll also get more business requesting your products or services.  This will lead to an increase in profits, which will help you grow and succeed.  SEO companies in Orlando can assist you with the creation of an SEO-optimized webpage that is both attractive and informative.  When you trust REK Marketing to design your website, you trust the best.  Contact us today to get started with a website for your business, and watch your business grow and succeed.

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