Five Reasons Why You Need a Blog on Your Small Business Website

Five Reasons Why You Need a Blog on Your Small Business Website

Are you looking to grow your small business presence online?  Do you have a company website that lacks fluidity, appeal, and overall engagement?  When you are hoping to attract potential customers with your online presence, a website with an ongoing blog is critical in keeping content relevant and fresh.  A blog is a great online tool to inform customers and update information on a regular basis.  As a company that specializes in web design in Orlando, we assist clients in creating and updating website blogs on a monthly basis.  This way, they can continue to attract new customers and continue to keep their current customer base educated about their business.  There are many great reasons why you want to put a blog on your small business website.

Grow Your Customer Base

When you post fresh content to your blog on a regular basis, you increase the exposure of your business.  By writing about relevant topics and information that many of your potential clients will search for, you increase the likelihood that they will stumble across your website in their search.  Once they find you, they will not only get the information they are looking for, but they will also have exposure to your business and its mission.  Relevant content on your blog gives your website an upper-edge over your competition that potentially lacks this web feature.  Blogging is a great way to increase your audience by providing them with information they are looking for and driving them to your business website.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Whenever you post content to your blog on a regular basis, you are also able to share that content on your social media page and help to drive traffic to your website.  Because social media is an integral part of getting daily news and updates, this will increase your chances of being seen by potential customers.  Also, this provides current customers with the chance to share your business with others.  They will have the option to share your blog posts on their social media pages as well.  Our web design in Orlando can implement sharing buttons into your blog to allow you this ability.  By increasing the amount of content that is sharable, you increase the chances of being seen.  This allows you to reach a wide audience base at any time.  Having fresh and updated blog content also increase the chances people will become aware of and interested in your business.

Increase Your SEO

When you write relevant and fresh content on a regular basis, you will improve your SEO score over time.  Your SEO score is important to search engines to optimize the searchability of your website.  This means that you will eventually rank higher on the search engine results page, which will increase the chances that your customers will find your business when they search for you.  By increasing your SEO score, you have the opportunity to become much more visible online.  This visibility will help to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your website and ultimately chooses your products or services.  

Inexpensive Advertising

With a blog, you will have access to inexpensive advertising.  By placing fresh and relevant content on your website, you create another platform to gain exposure to your products or services.  If you specialize in roofing, you will be able to provide relevant content about the roofing services you provide.  If you are a counselor, you can provide advice on how to overcome mental health challenges.  In time, this blogging venture will create a customer base that comes to you for trustworthy advice or information in your niche.  They will likely trust your business and then come to you when they need your products or services.  By creating relevant content on your blog, you also entice your customers to return each time you post.  This is why you will want to trust us to keep up with your blogging and web design in Orlando.  Consistency is key to gaining exposure and subtly advertising your business with your online platform.  Blogging is also a great way to provide your current customer base with the opportunity to share your services over the web.  They can save links or share your posts on their social media pages, and this requires no effort on your part.  By putting the content out there, you have endless opportunities for advertising.

Increase Profits

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a blog on your small business website is that you will likely see an increase in your profits.  When you are driving customers to your website continuously, you will be also widening your customer base.  This, in turn, creates more chances for business, which then results in an increase in your profits.  By allowing our web design in Orlando to create and run your small business website with a routinely updated blog, you will be able to watch your business grow.  A blog is a simple way to provide the customers with the information they need to trust your company as their top choice.  Over time, your customer base will grow, which will have many positive effects on your profits as well.

These are just five key reasons why your small business website should keep a regularly updated blog.  A blog is truly a simple way to keep clients interested in fresh content about your business, and it also helps to improve your overall visibility on search engines.  Our web design in Orlando can work with you to create an appealing and interesting blog for your small business website.  We offer web designers and content creators that are experts in SEO, web design, content creation, and much more to offer you quality web services.  Contact us to get started with your small business website and gain more customers today.

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