How to Design Your Website to Increase Your Conversion Rate

How to Design Your Website to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Designing your business website involves many different factors to consider.  From choosing the color scheme to selecting the right font to writing appealing content, the list is truly endless.  When it comes to web design in Orlando, you'll want to trust the best.  The design of your website can be the difference between having users and having customers.  Without the right appeal and attractive qualities on your website, people that visit your website won't convert into actual customers.  There are a few ways that you can focus on web design in order to increase conversations.

Focus on Your Home Page

First impressions are everything when it comes to digital marketing.  For this reason, your home page should be stunning, attractive, and well-designed.  Without an attractive home page, you can lose users before you even have a chance to sell them on your business.  Consider elements like quick loading speeds and appealing visuals.  Do not bog down the users with too much informational text right away.  Instead, have easily-navigable webpages that can provide this information.  Having webpages also increases the amount of time users will spend on your website, which has benefits on your SEO and your overall conversion rate.

Use a Call to Action

Make sure that you implement a call to action strategy on your website.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  Many people have contact forms that allow users to easily provide their information and inquiries directly on the website.  Having contact forms is an easy way to ensure that your users get what they need before they exit your webpage.  It is also an important way to build genuine connections and start relationships with prospective customers.  Others may use email subscriptions to provide newsletters with business updates, tips, sales, or event days.

Consider Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, many people use their devices or smartphones to navigate the internet.  Because of this, you will want to be sure that your website is designed for mobile responsiveness.  Typically, websites are designed on computers, which mean that you'll need to do an extra test to ensure that the layout and design translate well onto the phone screen.  Take the time to log into your website so that you can notice any glitches or issues that may arise on a mobile device.

Do Periodic Speed Checks

Speed is essential to converting users into customers.  Many people expect websites to respond quickly so that they can get their information faster.  If your loading speed is slow, users will likely leave your website and find the information elsewhere.  Slow loading speeds result in a large decrease in conversations and a higher bounce rate.  Be sure to perform periodic speed checks to ensure that the server is working properly and that your website graphics and text are loading quickly for your users.

Create Clear Navigation

People will likely come to your website looking for something in particular.  Whether they are looking for information about your services or they are looking to purchase a product or read reviews, and you'll want to supply them with a clear route to find what they need.  By making sure that navigation is clear and simple, you increase their likelihood of staying on your website till they have what they need.  This can lead to them becoming your customer.  Many websites have clear navigation bars either on the top of the page or on the sidebar.  This allows users to easily click on the tabs that interest them the most.

Show Customer Satisfaction

Every website should also show credibility and customer satisfaction.  By including your credentials, logos, awards, and rave reviews, your potential customers will see that your business is doing well and your previous customers are happy with your products and services.  Provide a place where new users can read reviews and testimonials of previous customers, and include a space for new reviews to be submitted.  This transparency is essential in showcasing what your company is truly about.  Also, if you have any credentials, showcase them also on your website.  This will show that you truly care about the professional services you are offering your customers.

Include Social Sharing Options

Nowadays, many people take to social media to find out their information.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all great resources to any small business.  In order to participate on these sites, you should consider adding social sharing buttons to your website.  These options will allow your users to interact with your website from their social media page, which will increase your exposure.  It also allows your users to connect with your content and spread the word to those in their social network.  Social media is one of the best ways to allow your customers to communicate their happiness and satisfaction with your business, and this is a powerful tool in today's social sharing world.

Use Visual Hierarchy

When you are designing your website, be sure to use different text sizes to indicate importance.  Visual hierarchy involves the font, size, spacing, and visual distinction of text features. Having visual distinctions can allow people to skim for the information they need.  This is incredibly important, as most of your users will be looking for something in particular.  If you don't have spaces between main points and organization using headings and subheadings, readers will feel strain and most likely leave your page.  

By following these few web design tips, you can work to increase the conversion rate on your site.  As you convert more web users into customers, your business will grow.  Having an online platform is a great path to success, especially when you choose to work with the experts in web design in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our quality marketing and web design services today.

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