Seven Steps to Create a Small Business Website

Seven Steps to Create a Small Business Website

Are you looking to increase sales and profits for your small business?  Are you interested in online marketing strategies to broaden your customer base?  Creating a website for your small business is one great way to increase your customer outreach and therefore growing your business.  Many companies offer web design in Orlando to help you get started.  At REK Marketing, our team of web designers, content creators, marketing experts, and web developers work together to provide the best experience for their clients looking to grow their small business.  There are a few necessary steps to follow when you first set out to create your small business website.

Choose a Domain Name

One of the very first things you will need to do before you actually create your website is to decide on a domain name for your page.  This domain name should be obvious to those who search for your business.  You'll likely want to use your business name.  Be sure that it is short and easy to remember.  This will allow people to organically find you on a search engine when they type in keywords or your company name.  You will also want to be sure that the domain name is available.  Once you choose the name, search to make sure it isn't already taken.

Choose a Web Host

Web hosting services are necessary to create your website.  This is the server company that provides you with a virtual place to store all of your website's data.  There are many web hosting services out there, so be sure to do your research to ensure you choose the best one for you.  If you are looking for a more supportive web host, you want to be sure they have reliable customer service to help you through glitches or difficulties.  You will also want to consider your budget.  Our experts in web design in Orlando can guide you through this process so you can make the best decision for your small business.

Build Your Website's Pages

Now you'll have to develop the pages of your website.  Remember, you are building your website from the ground up, which requires awareness to the type of information you want to provide.  Consider the overall goal of your website.  If you are looking to sell products, you may want to organize it by the categories of products you offer.  If you are looking to sell your services, you may want to set up pages that correspond to each service and what you do.  Then, you may want to include testimonials and contact information.  Be sure that your pages are relevant and informative so that your visitors can easily navigate your site.

Optimize Your SEO

You are quite obviously creating your website to give you exposure and broaden your customer base.  However, you can't do this unless you become visible on search engines.  In order to be found, you have to optimize your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  This includes adding rich content, relevant keywords and images, links, and the ability to share your business.  By promoting yourself on social media and throughout the community, you will draw more people to your website, which will increase your rankings.  Focusing on increasing your rankings will draw more customers to your website organically, which will positively affect the growth of your business.

Test Your Website

Before you officially launch your website, you want to be sure that everything works and appears polished.  Take some time to thoroughly explore your entire website to check for any errors, glitches, large images, or incorrect information.  Also, take notice of the loading speed to make sure it works quickly and efficiently.  Fixing these errors before you launch is incredibly important, as you don't want your first impression to leave visitors disappointed.  This decreases the chances of return.

Publish Your Website

Finally, you've sifted through your website and fixed all the errors and optimized your SEO.  Now, your website is ready to be published.  This is the easy part.  Publishing your website means that it is officially live, and you will be able to reach your customer base by using your website.  If you've followed these steps correctly or hired the best company in web design in Orlando, you will notice growth in your business.

Promote Your Website

Just because you have finally published your website doesn't mean you are done.  In fact, the journey is just beginning.  In order to spread the awareness and drive more traffic to your website, you'll want to promote your website.  Include your website on business cards or brochures for current customers and promote your website through any social media networks.  You will also want to make sure that you website and its content can be shared by any visitors.  This increases your visibility and broadens your audience in an authentic way.  One of the best ways to gain business is by allowing those who have worked with you to spread the news about your reputation and quality services or products.  Websites are great way to connect those people with a new customer base.

These are a few of the essential first steps you need to take when you first set out to design a website for your small business.  It may seem like a difficult task, but it will be worth it in the end.  Websites are great ways to increase your revenue and bring in new customers.  It is an instantaneous way to spread awareness about your business, even when your doors are closed.  Trust our skilled team specializing in web design in Orlando to get you started.  Our expertise will provide you with a smooth process that leaves you with a beautifully designed and informative website for your small business.  Contact us today to schedule a meeting with us.

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