Six SEO Terms You Need to Know to Have a Successful Website

Six SEO Terms You Need to Know to Have a Successful Website

Whenever it comes to ranking on Google searches, SEO is critical.  In order to show up close to the top of the Google search results, you will want to rank high in your SEO.  If we've already lost you, let's break down what that means.  Anytime a future customer searches your products, services, or anything related to your business, they will type those keywords into the Google search bar.  This will then populate with millions of search results.  Your customers will likely only look at a few of those top results, so this is why SEO in Orlando is important.  The higher your SEO score, the higher you will rank in the Google search.  This will bring more potential customers to your business website, which increases the likelihood of gaining their business and securing them as a customer.  In order to understand how to rank in Google, there are a few SEO terms that you'll want to familiarize yourself with to have a successful website.


Keywords are important to ensuring that you drive traffic to your website by being searchable in Google.  Even though it may seem easy to consider keywords relevant to your business, you will want to do some keyword research before you get started.  This will help you better understand what customers are researching in order to locate businesses like yours.  Ideal keywords are those that are relevant to your business, whether they include your products or services.  They should also be frequently searched and also have low competition.  These keywords should lead your customers to your website specifically, so that they will be more likely to click on it and give you their business.


The title of your webpage is also important in your SEO score.  This should be between 10 and 70 characters in order to be fully viewable in the Google results.  Consider adding your main keywords into your title, as that will help it rank for those keywords.  For example, a laundromat in Pittsburgh may want to use the title "Reasons to Use a Laundromat in Pittsburgh."  This will allow the business to rank higher for their ideal keywords.  However, there are also ways to add other keywords into other parts of your website, so you don't need to always incorporate your keywords into your title.  It will help when you do, though.

Meta Description

The meta description is what appears underneath the title when your business website shows up on the Google search.  This is a longer description of what your webpage is about.  In order to maximize your SEO score, you'll want to create a meta description that accompanies each one of your webpages.  This will help your customers identify exactly what page will suit their needs.  Your meta descriptions should be between 160 and 300 characters, so this is a great way to enrich your descriptions with keywords.  This is especially important if you didn't include keywords in your titles.

Quality Content

The content that is actually on your website is also critical for your SEO score.  This will help it rank higher in Google for your target keywords.  By creating quality content, you can improve your dwell time, which will decrease your bounce rate.  When you have a high bounce rate, this indicates that people find your website but leave the site quickly.  This shows the search engine that your quality is mediocre, and therefore it will not rank high.  When you produce high quality content by using us for your SEO in Orlando, you will be able to increase your dwell time.  This means that customers are spending more time on your website, which allows them to place your higher in the search results.

Off-Page SEO

Even though it may seem surprising to hear this, but some of your SEO score comes from places other than your website.  This includes backlinking and internal linking.  Whenever you provide links to other pages within your website, you promote more dwell time and encourage your customers to interact and engage with your website for a longer time.  Internal linking is a great way to make sure that your website is easy to navigate as well.  Backlinking, which is when other websites provide links to your webpages, is also critical in ranking high with Google.  This means that other websites features your webpage and make it more valuable.  


Blogging is a great way to create ongoing SEO.  This means that you are constantly updating your website with fresh, new content that is rich in information and target keywords.  This is a great way to increase the amount of site visitors and also boost your SEO rankings over time.  It also provides your audience with an opportunity to engage with your website on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the frequency of your blog posts.  You will need to make sure that your blog posts use your keywords while also focusing on quality content.  As long as you do these things, you will be able to write an enriching blog that continues to entice customers to come back for more.  When you work with our company, you will be able to create an ongoing blog that focuses on keywords, quality content, and high ranking SEO in Orlando.

These are just a few important SEO terms that you'll want to understand in order to create a successful business website.  A website is one of the most efficient and critical ways to spread awareness of your business, as people will be able to find information about your company at any moment's notice.  However, you'll want to do it right by understanding the importance of SEO in Orlando.  Trust us to take care of your business website and online marketing needs.  Contact us to hear about our online marketing and web development services today.

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