Six Ways to Optimize Your Website for Search Intent

Six Ways to Optimize Your Website for Search Intent

Six Ways to Optimize Your Website for Search Intent

One of the most important goals for your business website is to gain more customers.  By creating an attractive and informative website, you can attract more prospective customers to your website.  By creating a website that focuses on search intent, you attract customers that are looking for the products or services you offer.  This way, you increase the likelihood that they will convert into your permanent customer.  Without these conversions, you don't actually get their business.  As one of the best web design companies in Orlando, we offer our expertise to create websites that are focused on conversions, search intent, and SEO.  There are a few ways that you can optimize your business website to meet search intent.

Understand Why People Search

Before you optimize your content for search intent, you first want to understand why people search for what they do.  Having a basic understanding of the types of search intent will increase your opportunities for optimizing your content.  There are three basic search intents:

  • Commercial Intent - This version of search intent is when users are ready to purchase something they need or want.  They are prepared to act when they see something that strikes their attention.
  • Informational Intent - When people are searching for informational intent, they are looking to know something they didn't before.  These searches are purely for gaining knowledge and insight into practices, products, services, or information.
  • Navigational Intent - The final type of search intent is the most specific and tailored of the three.  When people know exactly where they intend to go, they do so with navigational intent.  They may type a website into their search bar directly, or they may be searching for a specific company or business they are already familiar with.

When you understand the types of search intent, you are able to create content that specifically draw in your target audience.  You will be able to make it easy for them to learn about your business or make purchases, appointments, or communication with your business.  As one of the top web design companies in Orlando, we provide insight into search intent that is beneficial for our clients.

Utilize More Than Just One Search Engine

Although Google is the most popular search engine, you should also focus your attention on the other search engines as well.  Ignoring these search engines are missed opportunities to draw in customers that utilize Yahoo, Bing, or YouTube as their primary choice.  YouTube, for example, has over two billion users, so it is beneficial to add video content that directs people to your webpage.  Also, some people that don't care about the Google experience may use other search engines, and you won't want to forget about those potential customers.

Give Them More than Just the Answer to their Query

Whenever someone searches specific keywords or phrases on a search engine, they are inserting an active query to get specific, tailored results.  While keywords are essential in gaining the audience that is looking for your specific company and its products or services, they are not the only important ingredient to website success.  Once someone clicks on your website, you want to engage them further by providing information that supports why they should choose you.  Attractive design and quality content are critical in converting your users into customers.  This passive query is where you will build relationships and create credibility among your users.

Research Queries and Keywords

Although people are likely going to be searching specifically for your products or services, you want to delve a little deeper to fully understand how they conduct their search.  What words or phrases are leading them to your website?  What webpages do they navigate to once they have reached your site?  What demographic are you attracting?  By performing research on the queries that have led to your business website, you will gain a better picture of your target audience.  Diagnosing this information is critical in creating the right content to attract more users.

Tailor Your Content to Your Target Audience

After you spend time performing research on queries and keywords that lead people to your website, you will start to form a picture of your target audience.  This is an incredibly important tool in building a community of users that will eventually become lifelong customers.  Without the information about their demographic, interests, region, and time of search, you won't know how to continue optimizing your content.  As marketing experts and one of the top web design companies in Orlando, we customize many business websites to meet the needs of their targeted audience.  

Optimize Your Content

One of the final but critical steps in using search intent to improve your website is to then optimize your content.  Meeting the needs of your target audience is essential to gaining their trust and building credibility among their community.  In order to actually make sales and convert users to customers, you'll want to decrease your bounce rate by designing an attractive website and creating quality content.  After you perform research on queries that lead your users to your website, you can then optimize your content to provide extensive answers and information.  Be sure that your information is digestive and easy to locate.  You should also call the users to action by asking for their emails or inserting contact forms.

These are a few of the ways that you can optimize your business website to meet search intent, which will build your website much faster and convert many more users into customers.  Researching keywords, queries, and search intent can become a difficult and even complicated process, but this can be made simple when you trust one of the top web design companies in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our range of quality web marketing and content creation services today.