3 Ways to Implement a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Implement a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Businesses are spending more money than ever on online advertising. Online advertising spending has long overtaken traditional marketing methods like radio ads, cable television ads, billboards, and B-2-B magazine ads. As a result, businesses that avoid online marketing are likely to perform less successfully than their counterparts moving advertising dollars to create an online presence. But it is vitally important for companies to present online advertising to consumers effectively. REK Marketing and Design offers reliable services and web marketing in Orlando when time-tested expertise is your priority.

Create a call to action

People do not want to click on your ad. The fact is, if the viewer were interested in your Web site, they would already be there. But, instead, they are browsing on a different Web site, and the challenge as a marketer is to get them to stop what they have chosen to do and pay attention to your message.

But that attention is only a start, and getting them to click on your ad is the ultimate goal. To inspire a reader to click on an ad, the ad needs to be persuasive in presenting the benefit of clicking on it. Convincing a person to click is no easy task, as the power of suggestion in the ad has to be highly compelling to persuade a person to stop what they are doing and pay attention to your site instead. Successful marketing means that before you can sell your services, you have to sell the click.

Selling the click requires an online ad to contain a distinct and compelling call to action. Keeping the call to action visible throughout the ad can also be highly beneficial, not just in one advertisement block. Testing ads on friends and acquaintances can be a helpful strategy to determine if your call to action will be successful. Ask them to describe the benefit of clicking in five words or less. If they cannot identify it for you, it means there is more work to be done. Keep working until your call to action is clear and easily identifiable to others.

Have a post click plan

Convincing people to click on the ad is only the beginning. Unfortunately, many online advertisers still make the mistake of sending clickers straight to the home page or some other generic place. For maximum impact, consider sending clickers to a  special landing page or microsite that ties in directly to the banner they clicked on. It helps to stay consistent with the look, feel, messaging, and offers that convinced users to click in the first place.

Rely on creative testing

A key reason for the explosive growth of online advertising is its easy measurability. It is effortless to quantify how frequently a user has clicked on a banner ad. Being able to track these results provides critical information to improve marketing results. After successfully implementing an online ad, it is simple to create more by building the new ads with variations of offerings, calls to action, and graphics. Try running all of the ads in rotation and carefully monitoring the results. If one or more ads disproportionately yield more clicks than the others, ask your ad sales representative to allocate the ads solely to the best performers. Sometimes the smallest of changes can have a meaningful impact on the click-through rate.

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