Blogging for Optimized Communication

Blogging for Optimized Communication

Blogs have saturated the internet since the coining of the term in 1999, shortened from the original weblog term introduced in 1997. Blogs are written commentary on a specific topic written in a format that makes it easy for people to read and participate.

In the mid-90s, the recurring nightmare of traditional media was that the high speed and low cost of online information circulation would result in a tidal wave of new, Web-only news sources that would threaten their monopoly on advertising and news revenue. Though that was not the immediate result, online news and advertising have begun to do just that, forcing big media to create their online presence to ensure continued success and viability. REK Marketing and Design in Orlando has experienced professionals ready for your web design questions and to help you on your way to a successful online presence.

Blogs started as simple digital journals where people could point others to interesting Web sites and tidbits and have transformed over time to showcase the opinions of an individual, augmented by comments from readers. As a result, millions of regular people, and experts in every conceivable field, have taken to blogging to bypass traditional channels of communication for the opportunity to offer their expertise and opinions to the world unfiltered.

Over time, hugely influential political blogs, corporate blogs from General Motors, Microsoft, GoDaddy, and hundreds of others are available online for anyone in the world to access. This movement has allowed people to feel connected to their favorite brands, writers, stars, and millions of other people who have something to say that people find attractive. This instantly available and transparent sharing of information and opinion is transformative and ties communities of like-minded people together in virtual tribes that can wield substantial real-world influence.

This sharing of information has led to intelligent marketers understanding and embracing these tools of influence. While there are countless blog-specific tactics, there are four primary methods for marketers to harness the power of blogs.

Communicating internally

Reading and answering dozens of annoying and often useless emails from co-workers can be frustrating. Establishing an internal blog for employees to post information and opinions in an easy-to-read format that doesn’t clog up everyone’s email inbox is an excellent strategy for improving employee communications. In addition, an internal blog is instrumental in large organizations with multiple offices. It allows groups that do not usually communicate to monitor other teams' strategies and uncover hidden synergies that previously would have never been discovered.

Spreading the word

Getting a new product or service mentioned on an influential blog is the latest ploy in product placement and is a growing addition to public relations efforts. Advertising on blogs has become an effective tactic for increasing profits in online marketing because it often allows a business to expand its reach to a hyper-motivated, engaged, highly literate audience. Companies can access this tool through blog advertising services specializing in brand-building and others focusing on direct response.

Making connections

Companies with a product or service that appeals to a non-niche audience should consider publishing a corporate blog. Keeping consumers up to date on what’s happening within a company can turn customers into super fans and enables the company to have an open and insightful ongoing conversation with customers that holds value far beyond the reach of focus groups. However, it is crucial to be aware that if a company creates a blog, it must be prepared to keep it updated and be active regularly to keep consumers satisfied and connected. REK Marketing and Design in Orlando is here to provide successful web design for your organization today.

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